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Posted by Tim Ireland at January 25, 2006

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You know, there have been plenty of times that I have reached a point where I have been sorely – fucking *sorely* – tempted to abandon the idea of carefully nurturing MPs who may or may not wish to blog (and then may or may not wish to do it properly) and instead go to the mattresses until they learn that we’ve had enough of bystanders.

But to do this – in the way that I have in mind – means abandoning something that we currently have and the U.S. does not. (Yes, I still actually hold some hope that one day there will be enough MPs networking properly so we can start forming, and they – and we – can start enjoying a fully-fledged online community that includes the bulk of our elected representatives.)

I even have a detailed ‘to the mattresses’ plan in mind. But the results would be as follows:

– MPs would freak. I mean *totally* freak.
– MPs would (finally… maybe) pay attention.
– MPs would – by and large – totally miss the point and forever-more be wary of communicating openly online lest we turn on them again (for not listening to us in the first place).

Also, I would have to abandon The Political Weblog Project and formally cut ties with every MP and Councillor that I know.

MPs may even freak to the point where they start insisting on stiffer regulation of something that – by and large – they never bothered to understand (i.e Teh Interwebs).

(Irritant, I have been listening.)

Is this a price worth paying for finally settling the Blair/Iraq matter?

Answers on a postcard, please.

PS – You know, I think it may just be potential proclivities that ensure that I don’t get invited to certain political weblog events.

(author waves to Kathryn)

UPDATE – I hate to mix mafia metaphors, but we’re talking buckwheats here, people.

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