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Monday, October 10, 2005 

Dipstick declares support for...?

Telegraph - Clues to how those MPs who have not revealed their intentions may cast their vote: Anne Milton (Guildford): Undecided. Appears open to persuasion from any candidate.

Anne Milton stands up for what she believes in!

64 undecided, and she's the only one with no known indication. Even out of the fresh crop of 56 new Tory MPs - i.e. with no 'history' - she's the only one with no indication (or declaration).

Perhaps it's a communication problem. After all, I've been assured on numerous occasions that Amme is a left-of-centre Tory who isn't afraid to speak her mind. Maybe no-one has heard her speak it yet.

Or maybe - just maybe - there's a reason why this reminds me so much of the Amme's pre-election public consultation exercise (which I've summarised below in the hope that you will understand why I first nicknamed her 'dipstick'):

People of Guildford, tell me what you believe in and care about.... (pause).... well, I'll be jiggered; that's *exactly* what I believe in and care about!

Tell you what; the comments will be left open today so the anonymous 'contributors' who support Anne Milton (but definitely don't work for Anne Milton) can speak up on her behalf and perhaps choose from the following options:

- Inform Amme's constituents of her clearly stated (but sadly unreported) preference

- Express a personal preference and project that onto Amme (so she can deny having expressed it herself)

- Either of the above, while also choosing the relatively safe option of ruling out one of the trailing candidates

- Explain to those of us with hate-filled hearts that Amme is mostly concerned about *local* issues and *local* people and *local* action

- Explain to those of us with hate-filled hearts that what we are watching is diplomacy in action

- Criticise those of us with hate-filled hearts for interfering with a deeply personal decision

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Perhaps she is paralysed by indecision. It's a problem I suffer. Or in my case do I mean paralytic?

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That's weird...I caught a glimpse of her flicking through the regional versions of BBC News (which you can do on Sky), and on the London version, she was being quizzed on it on the day of Liam Fox's speech. They simply titled her 'Anne Milton MP' (no mention of Guildford.)

I was too busy screaming the usual profanities that come into my head, i.e. 'b*tch' and sticking pins in her effigy, but I happened to notice they clearly pictured her clapping David Davis before dashing to the exit after his speech.

It looked like she had a good time at the fair ground though.

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It's a good thing she had so much fun at the fair. Her diplomatic mission to Cyprus kept her away from all of the usual summer events in Guildford, Bramley, Wonersh and Cranleigh (i.e. the same events that she made a point of being photographed at when she was only pretending to be our MP).

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Apparently, according to Guido, she's now declared for Cameron

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Cheers, unity - you caught me right in the middle of writing a post about it.

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