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You’d have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to have noticed this week that PWC Consulting plans to change their name to ‘Monday’ once they separate from PricewaterhouseCoopers – but I suspect there may be a few awareness problems on their end, too.

They have a top-heavy launch page at which is very nice, but it seems that they neglected to also purchase, which was quickly snapped up by a B3tan and includes a lovely message for the bods at PWC. Erm, and some donkeys.

I also blogged a few days ago that they had spent US$5million on the brand, trademark and domain name

I have no idea what they paid for, which I can only presume is going to be their main address once the change kicks in, but I can confirm that they have also neglected to purchase the domain name

I’m sure you saw that coming, but the full implications are far more amusing than you may first suspect.

The domain name is owned by the email service, which means that anybody who uses the service (or takes out a 30 day free trial) can get their own email address

You can do this in about 30 seconds just by clicking here and seeing what’s available.

Fun, huh? Sadly, manic@monday was already gone – but I did manage to pick up a pretty good alternative. My new email address is:

Hooray for me! All those years of hard work have finally paid off. I plan on dropping a line to my Mum & Dad this afternoon to advise them of my exciting new career. They’ll be so proud.

Hell, I may even make a donation to the Labour Party while I’m in the mood. I can afford it.

(I have to go now. I have a helicopter picking me up at 12:00 and my secretary expects me to chase her around the desk for at least 15 minutes before I take off. Cheers all. Enjoy your email addresses.)

UPDATE – About a month (and £75m) later PWC abandoned their rebranding. £75 million down the tubes. What a waste.

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