11 Reasons Why Tony Blair Must Resign

Posted by Tim Ireland at June 10, 2004

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Let’s see if I can get through this without mentioning the war….

1. Tony Blair has lost the trust of the people. Support from his own party is also in short supply. How can a man in this position expect to run his own party, never mind the country? He simply does not have the currency required to run the government. It’s as simple as that. But here are ten more reasons for you to chew on…

2. Tony Blair has said that he would resign if he became an electoral liability to his party. In the run-up to the 2004 European and local elections, all references to him were kept out of Labour’s TV broadcasts and campaign leaflets. Is he actually going to argue that this doesn’t make him a liability, merely a non-asset?3. With media support and a team of savage whips, Blair may very well be able to hang on to power for a few more months, and perhaps even set a domestic policy or two without yet another protest vote, but the moment George W. Bush feels himself under threat he will leave Blair high and dry in a heartbeat. If Bush is ousted during/before the November election, his control of the media will cease to be as effective and the truth will out. Trust me on this; we’ll have belated whistleblowers coming out of our ears. Blair doesn’t even have to be directly implicated in one scandal or another for this to end his career. He aligned himself with Bush, he will go down with Bush.4. A strong government requires a capable cabinet with the trust of the people. If Blair hangs on too long and is forced out suddenly by One Too Many Facts, what guarantee do we have that in the ensuing melee a capable cabinet will result? What happens if this takes place too late for the new cabinet to establish themselves and actually achieve a thing or two ahead of the next general election?5. We all remember Blair rolling tanks into Heathrow in the days before a million-strong march in London. Those who were paying attention at the time may also remember that when Bush came to visit, we went on ‘severe general’ alert because of yet another ‘unspecified’ threat. Admittedly, thousands of people gathering in the city does make combating terrorism that little bit harder, but just a few weeks later there were an equal number of people cramming the streets to celebrate England’s Rugby World Cup win and there was no terror alert and no warning to the public to exercise caution. These are just two examples, but the question you have to ask yourself is this: Is Blair playing the terrorist threat, or is he being manipulated into making rash and ‘obvious’ moves? Neither answer is a happy one.6. Damn. Now I have to mention the war. the war on terror was carefully woven into Blair’s argument for action in Iraq, even though there was no connection between al-Qaeda and Iraq until after the illegal invasion.7. We didn’t find any WMDs, either, did we? Blair thinks (or perhaps hopes) we may still find them. Even the man who led the Iraq Survey Group after the invasion thinks otherwise. Oh, and were these long-range WMDs or short-range WMDs we were talking about?8. OK, so it wasn’t about WMDs (even though Blair said it was). It was about regime change on humanitarian grounds. Saddam bad. Saddam gone. This good. Easy to understand. To say war was wrong is to say things be better if Saddam back, yes? Well, no. Iraqis and coalition troops are dying right now because of groups that are enabled and emboldened by Bush & Blair going in without UN support. I wouldn’t be very happy having drug dealers on my streets, but I’d be far more worried if a bunch of vigilantes had taken control instead.9. Sorry, back to WMDs again. A Parliamentary committee stated that Tony Blair inadvertently misled parliament.. Stay with me, because this is rather complicated… Beverly Hughes resigned after inadvertently misleading parliament, so why didn’t Blair resign? The answer is quite simple; because “there was no misleading involved on the question of Iraq”. Plenty on the reports and statements, but none on the overall question itself. See? I told you it was complicated.9a. What… again?10. Time and again Blair has said that we the people would decide if he was right on Iraq at the ballot box. Ignore the ridiculous suggestion that acting contrary to international law is OK if he can sell the idea at the next election and ask yourself why he’s suddenly asking people to put the issue of Iraq to one side when they vote.11. The only way forward for Britain – and for Iraq – is for justice to be seen to de done. Not dodged, and not spun. And if we do the right (and quite necessary) thing, there’s a very good chance that America and Australia will follow. The alternative is to allow democracy to take its ‘natural’ course. With major elections due in Britain, America and Australia. And a determined terrorist group that knows it can subvert democracy, but only when so-called leaders do the bulk of the work for them.

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  1. Pat Murphy says

    Like many longstanding Labour Party supporters I have been alienated by the style of Tony Blair and his associates, by the Iraq war and the lies used to justify it, and by policies that harm the public sector. Yet when I look at the alternative, viz., a Tory government, I see even less palatable policies and even less attrative people. Unless I lived in an exceptional constituency, I would have no choice except to vote Labour. Anything else would be politically immature.Pat Murphy

  2. hadenoughpete says

    I realise that this isnt exactly earth shattering debate, but i have to, with a hugely heavy heart agree with you pat. God, what a state to be in when the government has lost all credability to the point where you beleive they should be tried for war crimes. At yet, at the next election you’re going to end up voting for them because theyre the best option!! The situation we’re in now is that if you genuinely believe that a left wing government is the only way to protect the needs of the whole of society then what options have you got? Tory-Tony or Her Howard! Jesus, what kind of a choice is that. anyway im off now to put my head in the oven…

  3. Cherri_BlairOut_Gilham says

    Don’t bake your head yet Pete…. I’m here to save you!!!I’m trying to make a bid to oust Blair by standing against him at Sedgefield.I AM the alternative. Check out my very amateurish little website and see where I’m coming from.God help us all.Cherri

  4. Cherri_BlairOut_Gilham says

    my website didn’t show in the last post so here it is: http://www.blairout.org

  5. simca says

    In Praise of Anthony Blair1. RegenerationIn the brave new world of Anthony BlairThere is always a new successAn initiative here, an initiative thereEye-watering initiatives everywhereAnd all from Anthony Lyndon BlairAnd we really should be impressed.In the brave new world of Anthony BlairThe dead are on Anthony?s side ?His soft praying hands and his soft little chokeFor the People?s Princess and the People?s Pope,The People?s Queen Mum and the People?s soft soap ?They?re all brought along for the ride.2. Peace in IrelandIn Ireland Anthony?s put things rightAnd soothed all history?s soresWith the soft-voiced man with the ArmeliteAnd the ballot box and the geligniteAnd the cold-water bath that gives traitors frightsWhom Anthony just adores.And although Ulster?s terrorists break kid?s bonesTony goes from success to success.He?s placated the Yanks and he?s massaged the stats,He?s put out the crimson welcome matsAnd he?s going to subsidise baseball batsIn the name of the peace process.3. New BritainHe?s taken this land of Satanic millsAnd abolished child poverty from it.Now all the kids enjoy good school mealsAnd the kids go to clubs and kick up their heelsThen go out the back and enjoy a few feelsAnd the streets are awash with vomit.He?s tough on crime and the causes of crimeLaying down all the social norms,And hires more police officers all the timeTo boost the strength of the thin blue line ?No, they?re not on the streets, but that?s just fine,They?re hard at work, filling in forms.There are those who say that he?s lost the knackOf achieving a perfect con.But Anthony says ?Let?s go forward not backWith great hospitals, schools and railway trackAnd I wish you?d stop talking about Iraq ?It really is time to move on.?4. Economic successIn the brave new world of Anthony BlairThe money don?t go very far ?Not ordinary money, people?s money,The money that Cherie would think quite funnyIf you offered her that for her work at the bar.But Britain is vibrant and youthful and gayHe?s told us, voice ringing with truth.It?s reborn and new in a New Labour wayBehold and be glad at the dawning of day ?You old fools don?t need pensions at all anywayWhen Tony has blessed you with youth!5. The War on TerrorIn the war to win points from the terrorist threatTony Blair is ahead by a mileHow can we stop an eleven September?(Sorry, says Blunkett, I can?t remember)Well we?ve got to look tough, so lets simply dismemberLittle things like a right to a trial.And Tony has words to raise up our hearts,Says we?ve nothing to fear but fear.The sands of the desert are running red,The weapons are missing, the scientist?s dead,But Anthony Blair proudly holds up his headAnd says he?s officially cleared.6. The International StatesmanTony, we all admire how brave you are,You give evil regimes the push.You?re truly an international saviour,Telling tyrant?s ?Well gosh you must mind your behaviourOr you?ll get what I gave to YugoslaviaIf I get permission from Bush.?Now Anthony?s off on a grand new missionTo save all of AfricaDoing to it what he?s done to BritainWith splendid committees for him to sit onWith a few pop stars and some politiciansDining on pate foie gras.And Tony deserves an explanationWhy he?s not got a Nobel prizeFor he?s talked and he?s talked about educationAnd talked about Africa?s regenerationAnd he?s bombed the peace into several nations ?What more can I do, he cries.7. Whiter than WhiteNow Anthony Blair is a straight kind of guy ?We know ?cos he told us he?s so,And Anthony Blair?s never told us a lieAbout Eccleston?s million or cash for the domeOr Mandleson?s quite understandable loanOr wee Leo?s jabs, not a lie, not a lie,Oh certainly, certainly no.The activists all love Anthony BlairAnd they?re working like Santa?s elves.If the people can?t be bothered to vote(A thing that can really get Anthony?s goat)They?ll gather the ballots like hunting stoatsAnd fill all of them in themselves.And Anthony Blair is quick to correctAny problems that need correction.?Don?t worry about all the voting fraud,I?ll just change the law I rammed through beforeAnd stamp it out, you can rest assured,Trust me, after the next election.?8. Trusty henchmenWe got Robin Cook from Anthony BlairWho cut through the moral maze,Bringing FO ethics in place of strifeAnd exhorting us all to a higher life ?The red-haired drunkard who dumped his wifeAs they set off on holiday.We got Blunkett too from Anthony BlairWho filled his posts so grandly.He did no good but he cursed right fine,And was truly original when he resigned ?The first one ever ? to spend more timeWith somebody else?s family.9. His political masteryAll Anthony?s acts are so energising ?Like reforming the House of Lords,Hereditaries out, and a new sun risingBecause Tony believes in democratising,A whole new crop of jolly good guys in ?And all appointed by Anthony?s frauds.Oh Anthony Blair is devoted to GodWho he?s certain has made him prime minister.But don?t you imagine that if you were GodYou might fear Tony thought you distinctly unmod-Ern, and looked at you in a way you found oddAnd even a little bit sinister.Anthony Blair is so very sincere,Whether he?s happy or sad,Gleefully grinning from ear to earOr wiping away an emotive tear,And a look in his eye makes it suddenly clearThat he?s ever so slightly mad.He?s going to stay for just one more term ?You may think that decidedly odd,With the fate of the nation and world at stakeAnd his role in history still to fake,But he?s thought it all through and decided to takeUp a new position as God.

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