Sandra Gidley refuses to be shouted down

Posted by Tim Ireland at November 8, 2004

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Monday, November 8th, 2004
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Go, go Sandra Gidley: I have absolutely no intention of changing the way I blog. Postings are all Sandra Gidley and the buck stops here. If this is to stay immediate and topical then the whole flavour of what I am trying to achieve will be ruined (the different between fresh milk and sterilised milk) so there are no lawyers, agents or advisors consulted…. What if I live to regret it? Tough – but my personal view is that the public has had enough of bland politicians who speak via spin doctors and present a sanitised face to the world.

UPDATE – I left a comment here on the subject of moderation and censorship. I’m repeating it here mostly for my own personal reference:

People have a right to their opinion, just as people have a right to *form* an opinion in a balanced environment. I’m not making any accusations here, just trying to give an idea of what is and isn’t censorship when it comes to comment moderation. Some comments if left unedited or undeleted can be a form of censorship themselves – especially if they are allowed to reach (a) cacophonic level.Posting multiple comments under different names is an abuse that warrants not only outright deletion, but public exposure and a full ban in my opinion. (This technique was used widely on Jody Dunn’s blog during the Hartlepool by-election.)A common technique of trolls and freepers is to throw in off-topic comments that are deliberately designed to divert discussion away from the central point of any given post. Such posts should be seen for what they are and removed. That’s not censorship, that’s the *prevention* of censorship.

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