Kerik spills his evil seed at Ground Zero

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New York Times – Apartment Said to Have Been Scene of a Kerik Affair: An apartment in Battery Park City that former Police Commissioner Bernard B. Kerik secured for his personal use after Sept. 11 was originally donated for the use of weary police and rescue workers who were helping at ground zero, according to a real estate executive who has been briefed about the apartment.

Independent – Bush ally used Ground Zero rescue crew flat as a love nest: The murk surrounding Bernard Kerik, whose nomination to be homeland security chief by President George Bush fell apart a week ago, thickened yesterday amid reports he used an apartment that had been donated for use by exhausted 11 September rescue workers for conducting his extra-marital liaisons.

New York Times – Mystery Woman in Kerik Case: Nanny: One secret after another has tumbled out since the collapse of Bernard B. Kerik’s nomination as homeland security secretary – an undisclosed marriage, clandestine love affairs, unsavory business ties and unreported gifts…. Yet six days after Mr. Kerik withdrew his nomination, citing “questions about the immigration status of a person who had been in my employ,” the figure central to the scandal – the nanny – remains a complete mystery.

But you can be certain the nanny exists. Just as you can be certain that it’s far better Kerik go because of a minor irregularity over an employee than for anything else he may have done.

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