New look for Yahoo, UK-force for Google

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Monday, December 13th, 2004
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Yahoo has a new partner-weighted streamlined look. You can take a tour here.

Also, Google has – for the first time – started forcing UK users of their search engine to (although I have a dim memory of them doing this on a trial basis at least once before).

If you live in Ireland, you’re already familiar with this technique (fair enough, I’d say… as adding ‘ie’ to a search isn’t likely to bring many Ireland-specific results forward) but it’s going to be hard going for UK-based purists who insist on using and adding ‘uk’ to their queries at their leisure.

Good news for me, though. The amount of traffic my clients get for UK-specific queries (of the ‘not-adding-uk-but-clicking-the-button’ variety) is about to increase dramatically.

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