Rupert Murdoch and the ‘War on Christmas’ Campaign

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As with their backing of the illegal invasion of Iraq Rupert Murdoch’s media outlets appeared to magically act as one this year with a corporation-wide assertion that The Left were attacking Christmas.

The general thinking is familiar. Murdoch wishes to assure the frightened masses that the only alternative to the current (massive) swing to the right is an equally massive swing to the left – where Christians will be persecuted or assimilated and everybody will take turns to hug Osama bin Laden. Because that’s been our evil plan all along. We pretend to care about your liberties so we can destroy them. And we pose as lovers of peace because we’re in league with the terrorists. That fact that we hate Jesus/Santa should be proof enough of that. (Oh, and it’s those filthy liberals who have a dark agenda and overwhelming control of the media. Never forget that.)

You can be sure that somewhere inside the News Corp machine a memo was circulated in late November prompting what many outlets presented as a spontaneous campaign. (Because, damn it, those all-powerful liberals had gone too far this time!)

I for one would like to see that memo, but for now I’ll settle for the creation of a single overview of the campaign.

Below are a few links I’ve gathered to show that Bill ‘Hardcore‘ O’Reilly was well on the case. Below those are the entries I made when tracking the Save Our Christmas campaign run by The Sun newspaper in the UK.

Essentially, this post is designed to act as a starting point for those researching information on Rupert Murdoch’s and the ‘War on Christmas’ Campaign and as a contact-node for others who were concerned enough to collect data on individual aspects of it.

If you know of any suitable links, comments or similar/better overviews, simply get in touch and email them to me or make a comment below.

Cheers all. And Merry Christmas.

Bill O’Reilly:
FOXNews – Christmas Under Siege: The Big Picture
New York Daily News – Christmas haters have an agenda – The Grinch who saved Christmas
FOXNews – Somewhere Jesus Is Weeping…
Search Media Matters for ‘War on Christmas’ for more.

The Sun:
Dec 9 – The Sun: All your Christmas are belong to us
Dec 10 – The Sun backs Santa Claus backing The Sun
Dec 13 – The Sun: taking Christmas on tour
Dec 14 – The Sun: staying on-message
Dec 15 – The Sun: ‘Tis the season to be sarky
Dec 17 – The War on Christmas is global

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