The Asian Tsunami

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When something global happens, turn to Blogdex. Today it’s full of useful quake/tsunami references, the bulk of which are presented here alongside a few extras I found along the way:

Someone has already set up a blog at with “news and information about resources, aid, donations and volunteer efforts.”

The folks behind this have also dumped and sorted a Wikipedia database to enhance the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake entry.Command Post has collated a list of donation links. Speaking of which:Asia tsunamis: Red Cross Red Crescent to launch 50-million Swiss franc appeal in largest emergency response in modern time (more at Earthquake Report from the U.S. Geological Survey, National Earthquake Information CenterAnimation of the spread of the Indonesian tsunamiHi-res satellite images of Kalutara, Sri Lanka before and after the tsunami hitCNN – Donations to tsunami relief ‘generous,’ U.N. says: The United Nations’ emergency relief coordinator said Tuesday that the international response to the tsunami catastrophe in southern Asia has been “very generous” despite earlier comments in which he called some nations “stingy.”Sounds to me like a perfect oppurtunity to attack the U.N. – but please note: The U.S. State Department said an additional $20 million in aid will be added to the $15 million the United States has already pledged for nations hit by the tsunamis.So that’s $35 million in total. Bush’s inauguration will cost $30-40 million. Not including security. Stingy? Naaaah….WorldChanging – What if there were a tsunami and nobody knew?: There’s two possible explanations for this story. One is that Myanmar, with 1930 kilometers of coastline, numerous fishing villages and huts on stilts along the coast, and a common border with Thailand – where over 1500 are reported dead – miraculously escaped the effect of the tsunami. The other explanation is that Myanmar’s famously secretive military government hasn’t wanted to reveal the extent of the tsunami damage to the outside world… and especially to their own citizens.Also…Washington Post – Tsunamis’ Toll Might Have Been Lessened – Experts Cite Lack of Warning System: The real tragedy, many experts acknowledged yesterday, is that thousands of lives in countries such as Sri Lanka, India and Thailand could have been saved if an early warning system similar to one that exists for the Pacific Ocean had been in place. U.S. officials said that they wanted to warn the countries but that there was no mechanism to do so.Telegraph India – Experts jolted out of slumber: India could have had two hours’ advance warning that a wall of seawater was heading for its eastern coastline if the Indian Ocean region had a network of stations to predict the behaviour of tsunamis. But no such network exists because scientists believed there was no reason to create it.*cough*Asteroid scare exposes flaws in early warning systemFirst Strike or Asteroid Impact? The Urgent Need to Know the Difference (more here)Latest News:BBC Reporters’ log: Asia disasterAll related news stories from The IndependentDead still being uncovered as tsunami toll climbs toward 60,000Some Blogagge…Eugenics in a disaster zoneGeorge W Bush to announce War On NatureIsn’t that already underway?UPDATE – Photoshop: Bush claims tsunami justifies War on NatureUPDATE – Read this sign. Please note that it doesn’t say anything about para-sailing.UPDATE – Thai newspaper documents government attempt to kill tsunami warningUPDATE – See also… Climate Change, Tsunamis, and The Rapture

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