The Sun: ‘Tis the season to be sarky

Posted by Tim Ireland at December 15, 2004

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Today Page 3 girl Ruthie (19, from Kent) is outraged to hear a Christmas fan had been sent hate mail for putting up decorations. She says: “It should be every person’s right to celebrate whatever religious festival they want, however they want – as long as it doesn’t infringe on others.”

A good thing she added that last bit, as this report eggs on those who may wish to celebrate Christmas by shooting PC leftists: The Sun warmed the hearts of locals yesterday with a Nativity scene – in Cold Christmas. The tiny Hertfordshire hamlet saw The Sun’s Save Our Christmas campaign with a poignant play celebrating the birth of Christ. It was another blow to jobsworths who want to kill off our traditions. Resident Bill Parkes, 53, said: “The Sun’s doing great. If politically correct officials try to impose anti-Christmas policies here they’d be sent away with a shotgun!”

What was that I was saying yesterday about Sun readers being unlikely to do anything stupid?

No matter. Let’s get back to what is so obviously an incitement to religious hatred.

The online report is kind of light, so I’ll also be quoting from the print version: A poison pen nut has bombarded a string of families with hate mail – blasting their taste in Christmas decorations. The anonymous critic, who signed himself The House Doctor, posted letters to five households, taking issue with their festive lights. He wrote: “Your neighbours have to look at this crap – have some dignity. We don’t want to look like a council estate.” The families, all on the Mickledales estate in Redcar, Teeside, received the identical notes last weekend. In them, their lights are branded “cheap, tacky Poundstretcher crap.”

They finish by appealing for the House Doctor to come forward. I refer you again to yesterday’s post for an idea of how that’s likely to turn out.

You have to read between the lines to see the anti-religious sentiment, but what stares you in the face here is the evil of elitism (which lives right next door to leftism, don’t you know).

Here, Ben is left wondering what this latest Sun campaign is supposed to distract us from but, myself, I see this as more of a seasonal opportunity. A made-up story designed primarily to boost flagging sales. And demonise (cue dramatic sting) The Left.


  1. cheeks says

    “… they’d be sent away with a shotgun!” – why would he give them a shotgun?

  2. Ben says

    Aye, you’re probably right about the basis of the campaign (although in my bestest dreams I can hope it was supposed to help Blunkett!) – it’s just my first reaction these days whenever the Sun goes mental about something trivial.

  3. Manic says

    That’s a good instinct. I’d stick to it if I wer*OHMYGOODLOOKOVERTHERE!

  4. cheeks says

    This post on Metafilter may interest you:

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