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Posted by Tim Ireland at December 14, 2004

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Yesterday it was revealed in The Guardian that The Sun – currently championing the clause (ho-ho) of Christmas – has itself watered down and de-Christ-ified their own Christmas cards with a politically-correct “Season’s Greetings!”

Hypocrisy? From The Sun? Never!

Surely there’s been some mistake. Or perhaps a simple misunderstanding… the kind of misunderstanding that led to their grouping of the outrage over the commercial stunt by Madame Tussauds with attacks on the religious aspects of Christmas.

I can see how that kind of thing could happen. Why only yesterday they had a report on the attack on this same ‘nativity’ scene and adopted their usual hard-slog investigative technique by including this: Do you know who attacked Posh and Becks’ waxwork doubles? Call the Sun Newsdesk on 0207 782 4104 or email, they got a result. While the online version of this ‘story’ neglects to mention how they came by the information, they do reveal in the print version that the source was a phoned response to their appeal for witnesses. A man called claiming to have wrecked the Madame Tussauds Nativity display “because it insulted Christianity”.So, here’s a man who appears to be responding to their campaign of moral outrage (as they dare to stand up to the politically correct crowd who wish to take the Christ out of Christmas). He called them at their invitation. And they turned on him, labelling him a ‘yob’ and a ‘lout’ and passing on the details of the phone conversation to the police.Toss that dusty old angel in the bin!See? A perfectly understandable misunderstanding.Here’s another (and by now you will have noticed the large image to your right)…Today they provide a big picture of a rather evil-looking Santa (complete with the Sun logo) for you to cut out, cone up and place on top of your Christmas tree. In place of the traditional topping such as a star or an angel (both of which appeared to herald the arrival of Christ our Lord).See? Another perfectly understandable misunderstanding.Had you not read today’s entire paper, you might be under the impression that The Sun were themselves attempting to displace a major religious aspect of our great and glorious Christmas traditions. But you would be wrong, for here they are, doing the Lord’s work not once, but twice on the same day…The Sun – The Sun stars in the East: The Sun blazed the way to champion the tradition of Christmas last night by recreating the magical story of the Nativity outside our East London HQ. We defied the politically correct brigade by building a giant 15ft stage, lit by floodlights, at our Wapping nerve centre to celebrate the birth of Christ for thousands of commuters travelling home.The Sun – Playing fair over Nativity: Defiant head teachers joined The Sun’s Save Our Christmas campaign last night – warning politically correct meanies: “Hands off Nativity plays.” More than 195 primary school heads across the UK voted to keep traditional festive fun in a poll. And 95 per cent of schools quizzed said they were determined to celebrate the birth of Christ with a Nativity play this year. It came after we told how Nativity plays, religious cards, lights and even Santa have been axed in case they offend non-Christians.And people who don’t believe in Santa, of course.You see, it’s a terribly complicated issue, but I’m sure that the support from “Christmas-loving readers” will continue to “flood in” and readers will be aware that what’s most important is the very real need to stand against the near-to-overwhelming forces of evil (and by that, I mean The Left)… without actually getting carried away and breaking anything, of course.After all, Rebekah Wade is a highly intelligent person who knows how to appeal to a very level-headed sector of our community. It’s not as if her readers are going to go out and do anything stupid.

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