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Posted by Tim Ireland at January 14, 2005

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Friday, January 14th, 2005
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This is a heads-up for all proxy-bloggers, some information about how well you’re doing and some ideas about what you can do during the upcoming election.

A star (*) denotes a blog that is in need of love (i.e. there hasn’t been a fresh post for a while).

Paddy Tipping is my MP – 3rd in Yahoo and 1st in MSN for ‘paddy tipping’

Keetchwatch* – 2nd in Google and MSN for ‘paul keetch’

Glenda Jackson MP* – Voidstar feed is 2nd in Google for ‘glenda jackson mp’, blog is 1st in Yahoo for ‘glenda jackson’

Steve Pound Proxy Weblog – 2nd (feed) and 5th (blog) in Google, 2nd in Yahoo

Michael Clapham MP* – 8th (feed) in Google, 1st in Yahoo and MSN for ‘michael clapham’

Jeff Ennis MP* – 5th (feed) and 10th (blog) in Google, 1st in Yahoo and MSN for ‘jeff ennis’

Eric Illsley MP* – 3rd in Google, 1st in Yahoo and MSN for ‘eric-illsley’

Stalking David Blunkett* and Big Blunkett* have both ceased activity since his ministerial resignation, but the authors should prepare for action. They’ve got excellent coverage in Google, Yahoo and MSN… and Blunkett is still a Labour MP and an important ‘face’ that is likely to be used during the election.

Keith Vaz, MP – 1st in Google, Yahoo and MSN for ‘keith vaz’! Cracking effort! This has a lot to do with it being a comprehensive blog with regular posts. In fact, this blog deserves your special attention.

Almost David Lepper, MP* – The Blogger Profile for this site is 5th in Google for ‘david lepper’, the Voidstar feed is 10th. The blog itself is 1st in Yahoo and MSN for the same query.

Frank Dobson MP* – The Voidstar feed is 6th in Google for ‘frank dobson mp’, the weblog itself is 2nd in Yahoo and 4th in MSN for ‘frank dobson’

Nick Raynsford MP* – 3rd in Google and 1st in Yahoo and MSN for ‘nick raynsford’

Lewis Moonie MP* – 2nd (feed) and 7th in Google for ‘lewis moonie mp’, 1st in Yahoo and MSN for ‘lewis moonie’

(Not) Alan Milburn – This proxy-blog is 2nd in Yahoo and 3rd in MSN for ‘alan milburn’, but best we can do in Google is 8th (and that’s the Voidstar feed) for ‘alan milburn mp’ – so this weblog needs some serious Google-juice. This blog needs the most love. Please link to it.

GidleyWatch – A shining star in our collection, in that it resulted in Sandra Gidley starting a weblog of her own. The proxy-blog is 6th in Google, 2nd in Yahoo and 3rd in MSN for ‘sandra gidley’

sarah teather is my mp – 2nd in Google, 1st in Yahoo and MSN for ‘sarah teather’

Not the real Jim Cousins Blog – The Voidstar feed is 6th in Google for ‘jim cousins’, the weblog is 1st in Yahoo and MSN

NEW: Pugh Watch – 5th in Google for ‘john pugh’ (not sure how I missed this one, but it’s there)

So – if you’re up for it – I’d like all proxy bloggers to stand by for full-on Election Mode.

If you get campaign material, scan it and display it.

If a local candidate does something interesting, report it.

If a local candidate says something questionable, refute it.

If a local candidate says something that’s total bullshit, reveal it.

This blog and others (I’m guessing Honourable Fiend will be among them) will be very interested in what you have to say and display.

We’re going to blog this election live. We’re going to kick arse and take names. And that’s just for starters.

PS – You. Yes, you. Do you live in or near the constituencies of the blogs listed above? You are? Well, that’s just lovely. Perhaps you’d care to help out.

And even if you’re not, perhaps you’d care to lend some scanning or scan-hosting support. So much of what gets said, promised or suggested during an election gets lost. It’s important that it be preserved.

PPS – I’m working on Blair Video II and need 8-12 questions that you would ask of Tony Blair. No more than 4-8 words. Leave them under Comments if you like or email me directly.


  1. Nosemonkey says

    Glenda’s my MP, and a nice lass – she bought me a coffee once (and was very entertaining when I got trapped in a lift with her and Ann Widdecombe, but that’s another story). It may be late and I may be drunk, so don’t hold me to this, but I could be up for helping out on that one…

  2. Manic says

    Demon!You will burn in hell*!!!(*not the opinion of management)

  3. Manic says

    PS – You, I expect a question from. But I’ll wait until you’re sober.

  4. Nosemonkey says

    What makes you think I’m drunk?I’ll fucking have you…You’re my beshtest mate you are… I fucking love you…zzzzzzzzzzz…

  5. Manic says

    You fuckin’ uber-c**t! What makes *you* think that you… sng*zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  6. hiccup says

    “What would George W Bush have to do to lose your support?” would be an obvious and interesting question I reckon.

  7. goatchurch says

    “Random articles from the internet are more accurate than MI6 intelligence reports. Discuss.””What are the Trident nuclear missiles targetted at?””Do you believe in the rapture?””Would you feel proud if Margaret Thatcher defected to the Labour Party?”—Sy Hersh said his take on Kissenger was very simple: “He lies like most people breath.”

  8. Europhobia says

    A bit of election preparation

    can you help out with any of the MP proxy blogs Bloggerheads helped set up?

  9. doctorvee says

    Scottish blogging; proxy blogging; me

    A new SNP blog from Stuart Dickson. I can’t think of many (any) SNP bloggers who I’ve come across before, so it should be an interesting read.He’s got a pretty exhaustive list of Scottish political blogs in his blogroll aswell. I’ll probably tr…

  10. GidleyWatch says

    A glowing review

    Tim Ireland of Bloggerheads has reviewed the progress of the small army of MP proxy-bloggers.

  11. memespring says

    Here’s another for the files:Katehoey.co.uk

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