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Posted by Tim Ireland at January 11, 2005

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You. Must. Read. This. Now.

Then forward it to everyone you know.

Send them a copy of this as well if you like:

If you don’t have a (free) Guardian registration, get one just to read this (it’s worth it) or use

Read. This. Now.

Guardian – The moral minority: BBC2’s broadcast of Jerry Springer: the Opera on Saturday met with protest on an unprecedented scale – most of it by a little-known group called Christian Voice. Its director, Stephen Green, tells Stuart Jeffries about his crusade to stop this ‘tidal wave of filth’


  1. Guy Gooberman says

    Oh sweet Lord…It’s like being in America.

  2. Manic says

    Tell me about it.I’m really thinking of giving God a piece of my mind. This is getting beyond a joke.

  3. Inquisitor says

    It gets worse; there’s a link on this article to another one from the Guardian today, a news article about the links between ‘Christian’ Voice and some organisation called UK ‘Life’ League (grr) which is apparently going to republish Mark Thompson’s home phone number and encourage people to ‘doorstep’ him – see,14173,1387300,00.html.These particular idiots appear to be spammers, too (“employ an expert to harvest email addresses”), which really makes my blood boil.I’m not hopeful that the BBC can stop these guys, since Britain’s Nazis and similar zealots have been publishing people’s personal information for years without any apparent attempt to stop them, so I’ve looked into ways we can protest it. If you WHOIS Christian Voice’s domain, what you get is Stephen Green’s home address (“Stephen Green trading as Christian Voice”). Some other people have found his home phone, too. Now, I’m not one for publishing people’s personal information, but for Stephen “thousand members” I’m possibly willing to make an exception…

  4. Inquisitor says
  5. Wolf Solent says

    I doubt that Mr Green would object to his phone number or home address being distributed – after all, he *has* posted both, in full, on his own website…

  6. Wolf Solent says

    Some UK Life League stuff: are investigating a militant anti-abortionist group over its ?intimidating tactics? against four MSPs.The UK Life League, formerly known as Precious Life, has sparked a major security alert after posting personal contact details for senior Scottish politicians on a website accusing them of being ?child abusers? because of their stance on abortion.The MSPs involved are former Labour health minister Susan Deacon, Labour MSP Pauline McNeill, Linda Fabiani of the SNP and Scottish Socialist leader Tommy Sheridan.Under the heading ?Wanted for crimes against humanity?, the site features photographs of the MSPs and asks: ?Did you know that your MSP actually supports late-term abortions and supports and promotes the extremist Pro-choice Action Group? […] target TescoPro-life campaigners have targeted two Tesco Pharmacies supplying emergency hormonal contraception, under patient group directions, in Somerset.The UK Life League placed on its website the names of two pharmacists and two managers from the Tesco stores involved, along with the stores? telephone numbers and details of Tesco?s directors.Tesco, along with other pharmacies, has been supplying EHC to patients under PGDs. But the company is now to exclude under 16s from the schemes.Anne Weyman, chief executive of the FPA (formerly the Family Planning Association) said: ?It?s disappointing that the pressure brought to bear on Tesco by anti-choice groups has been successful. Easy access to emergency contraception is vital for young women taking the responsible step of trying to prevent an unplanned pregnancy, and FPA would like to see more pharmacists dispensing under PGDs.? Targets Doctor in Vaccine ControversyA doctor at the centre of an MMR vaccine controversy in the UK said last night he was living in fear after being targeted by an extremist anti-abortion group. The home address and phone number of Geoff Carlin, a Lanarkshire GP who is accused of dismissing parents from his practice who refused to let their children have the combined MMR vaccine, was posted on a website and e-mailed to thousands of people across the world by the UK Life League, a newly formed pro-life group. […]

  7. bigdaddymerk says

    I’ve just read the christian voice website for the first time, I can’t (well I can) belive it. These people do nothing spout pure contempt. I’m angry now.

  8. Filth

    Bloggerheads has a lovely link from today’s Guardian, who interview Stephen Green – The nut job ‘Christian’ behind Christian Voice.Christian Voice are responsible for all the hooo harr over Jerry Springer – The Opera, a critically aclaimed and…

  9. Chicken Yoghurt says

    Green’s a berk of epic proportions with a bloated, diseased ego to match.”Since November 2003, the Lord has enabled me to go full time.”What? Is the Big Guy doing career development loans now? Sweet.

  10. balders says

    Stephen Green is one of those typical evangelical wankers who believes in the inerrancy of the Bible, and who gives genuine Christians a bad name. The evangelicals will rant against homosexuality whilst ignoring the relationships of Ruth and Naomi, David and Jonathan, and Daniel and Ashpenaz; all of whom were more than just good friends. They use the destruction of Sodom as justification for the evil of homosexuality whilst overlooking the fact that the Sodomites were actually taken out for ignoring the poor and needy and for raping strangers. If the twats read Genesis 19 and took the whole chapter literally, then it would be God’s desire that one should sacrifice ones daughters to the mob to protect ones guests.They are, in short, a bunch of ignorant, screwed up, small-minded fuckwits and I’m sure that somewhere God is tearing her hair in despair.The objective of Green and his sycophantic scum is not to bring about God’s kingdom on Earth, but rather to try and place themselves in the positions of power currently enjoyed by the religious fruitcakes on the other side of the Atlantic. It’s not about spiritual health, but rather a campaign for secular control, wrapped up in the trappings of Christianity. The danger is that many people may be suckered by this ploy. They look around and see crime on the increase, wars, natural disasters, and think “maybe these people are on to something”.Christian Voice, like any minority group which attempts to dictate to the majority, must be fought and stopped. The challenge is do so without stooping to their level, lest we become tarred with the same brush.

  11. Chicken Yoghurt says

    Is anybody googlebombing the Christian Voice website? Any suggestions?

  12. Manic says

    For now I’ll settle for controlling some of the search traffic for the name ‘Stephen Green’ via this post (there are so many organistions with the name ‘Christian Voice’ that getting a top search result for this would require some serious Google-juice).One thing I did have in mind, though, was a Right-Wing Loony Website Of The Year competition. With Green and Beyer heading the nominations, of course. There’s some fabulous web design going on here:

  13. s7uar7 says

    JustinMck, yes I started one a couple of days ago and a few sites have joined me so far – ignorant bigots is the phrase of choice.That mediawatch website is great: probably their most publicity for years and they can’t even get their links working. Tossers.

  14. Christopher B says

    There’s some strange stuff on their site: among other things, he’s objecting to Lord Dubs bill to reform the succession to the monarchy. (or probably the newsletter editor) gets exercised about BT, since Ben Verwaayen used to run Lucent. Lucent, apparently might stand for Lucifer Enterprises. That is nuttiness of a fairly high order, to me. That’s in their july newsletter:

  15. massplinter says

    *uck it here it isHi! this is Stephen here give us a bell. I love to be verbally abused so go ahead give us a bashing, It makes me feel warm and gooey inside…. OhLove ME and JCStephen GreenAddress:PO Box 739A, Surbiton, KT6 5YAEmail: Director: (+44) 01994 484 544National Director: (+44) 07931 490 050

  16. Manic says

    I know, he signs all of his emails with this, as if it somehow excuses his actions regarding BBC employees.

  17. unk says

    At weekends I can be found hiding at… (the registered address for 6QN

  18. RedCitrus says

    Having spent a little time browsing the CV website, there are a few things which caught my attention. The first is a delightful section on ‘Britain in Sin’, which – amongst other things, appears to claim that rape is acceptable, providing that it is carried out within a marriage: “It also introduced an offence of “marital rape,” drafted by the Law Commission, unknown in the Law of God, and in conflict with the marriage service of the Book of Common Prayer, where the promises given by a man and woman to each other establish a binding consent to sexual intercourse.” Nice.Secondly, there’s a ‘hilarious’ link to a spoof website this moron appears to have set up. I won’t bother you all with the link, but do you think he’d mind if anyone returned the compliment? I’ve registered – anyone up for pissing of a few god-botherers?

  19. 1truevoice says

    This Stephen Green guy is tripping himself up a little. 1st he states how he was disgusted at the racism of a leading university’s student news letter having ago at the welsh, then he makes a spoof website called true vision which is aimed at reporting hate crime such as racism… personally i think he needs to look at what he is doing, because from where i’m standing he looks rather silly! His plot was obvious, with the slur on “pink police”. But it backfired when you read his comments about racism and how disgusted he was. Mr Green constantly uses quotes from the bible and has even stated himself to be “blessed”. I can see all kinds of problems with this one.

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