Conservative association site hijacked by pornographers

Posted by Tim Ireland at January 12, 2005

Category: Teh Interwebs

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Wednesday, January 12th, 2005
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Tory with your Porn, sir?Welsh Tory party website hijacked by porn

The funniest thing about this story is the ‘news alerts’ box that it generates over at CNN (see right).

You may also wish to note how The Sun feels compelled to adorn their story with a click-to-enlarge image of a “porn actress… like on website”.


  1. Guy Gooberman says

    Classic quote: “Instead of information about political issues they were confronted by sexual images and the offer of ?hardcore f*** movies featuring group sex, teens and lesbians?.”

  2. Geoff's Blog says

    Fair play to Bloggerheads for putting in all the effort to track that Crazy Frog down,but wouldn’t we all have been better off if he/she/they just wentpostal on the ringtone companies?  They’re the ones making the irritant-in-chief possible.

  3. crabmuffins says

    …then, several days later, the Conservative campaign website was hijacked”

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