Murdoch speaks all Aussie-like regarding the f**king swearing on the BBC

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By jingo, by crikey!

Were you to read the fuggin’ Weegend Oztralyan, yew wood lurn that us poms ain’t got no sense at awl no-ow.

Weekend Australian – BBC blasted over Springer show: Christian protesters set fire to their television licences outside the BBC’s London offices today as outrage spread over the public broadcaster’s plans to air a profanity-laden musical.

They did what, where? Bloody hell. Either John Beyer is getting desperate (Burn their goolies! Buurrrn them!) or the Aussies are being told something we’re not.

But let’s get back to John, who is obviously the centre of this (very real) story: “The level of protest is unprecedented,” said John Beyer, director of viewers’ lobby group Mediawatch. “An awful lot of people who pay their licence fee wonder if this should be put on.” British viewers pay around 120 pounds ($300) a year for their colour television licences.

Please note:
1. Murdoch newspaper
2. “Level of protest unprecedented” says man who lied and cheated to make level of protest ‘unprecedented’
3. Australians are obviously meant to stare in wonder at our ability to broadcast colour television

I look forward to watching Jerry Springer – The Opera tomorrow night.

I also look forward to – early next week – bringing you a breakdown of what appears to be a very cosy relationship between Tara Conlan and John Beyer. It seems that they are quite the team. Him with his dreams of being on the telly every other night and her with her unfulfilled dreams of … being on the telly every other night.

Oh my, we are going to have fun.

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