Murdoch’s push for terrestrial TV in the UK

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Guardian – Files show extent of Murdoch lobbying : Freedom of information files released to the Guardian reveal how the media tycoon Rupert Murdoch wields extensive lobbying clout over the Blair government. Mr Murdoch secured private reassurances from ministers during heavy lobbying that he would be able to buy Channel Five if he wanted to, according to partly censored documents released by the culture secretary, Tessa Jowell. In previously undisclosed meetings, representatives of the Murdoch empire were able to lobby ministers six times in a crucial five-month period when an important bill was passing through parliament. Citizens’ groups have said they were unable to get similar face-to-face access to ministers.

Please try to wipe that surprised look off your face.

Murdoch Wants Five. And when he gets it, he’s sure to throw all sorts of money and resources at it to make it a major channel. You can also look forward to Sky News abandoning their moderate tone within a few weeks (or perhaps hours) of this purchase going through.

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