Omar Bakri Mohammed: The Sun speaks!

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Come for the outrage, stay for the boobies!Today, Page 3 lovely Keeley (18, from Bromley) is staggered that cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed can get away with his sick rants. She says: “I find it amazing that he has been allowed to stay this long. Why the government have put up with him and his vile views is beyond me.”

What I find amazing is that this obviously quite important issue is only being covered by Murdoch’s newspapers today.

What I find amusing is the Page Title at The Sun in today’s news results (see screengrab).

The Sun – Bakri speaks to Sun (and gets a fair hearing, of course)

The Sun – Send him Bakri: He could be prosecuted and jailed for inciting murder, as many of his outraged fellow Muslims demand. But that would mean he’d still be in Britain and costing all of us money. Bakri must be put on a plane and sent back where he belongs. That’s what he claims to want. If Syria and Saudi Arabia won’t have him, we’ll have to dump him somewhere on a lonely island.

Costing all of us money? Surely not all of us… Mr Murdoch doesn’t pay any tax in this country that I’m aware of.

The Times – Radical cleric who has never been prosecuted

Do you remember the other week when Christians were threatening violence and bloodshed over a few swear words? They were also fond of claiming that Christianity was an easy target and no-one would dare target Muslims in the same way. But The Scum didn’t lay the boot into them. They did, however, find time to give Omar Bakri Mohammed a good going over.

Oh, I have an answer from Stephen Green of Christian Voice regarding that circular, but need him to clarify his answer before I publish anything.

UPDATE – Bigdaddymerk has made an interesting 5Mb WMV available. It’s a segment from last week’s What The Papers Say concerning JS:TO. And Media Watch Watch notes here that John Beyer has extended MediaWatch-UK’s ‘taste and decency in the media’ remit to include complaints about taxi fares. Why, it’s almost as if he’ll take any chance he can get to bitch about the BBC… or get his name in the papers.

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