Prince Harry hides WMD Shock!

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Friday, January 14th, 2005
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Lord Rothermere with Adolf Hitler - look the names up in GoogleMy, wasn’t it clever of Mr Murdoch to ensure that we all talked about Prince Harry yesterday and not the fact that we’ve stopped looking for the WMD in Iraq that never existed?

Us naive peaceniks knew they weren’t there before the war. This was one of the issues that caused us to march in our millions. Now Tony Blair tut-tuts us and sighs the words ‘the benefit of hindsight’… like the total c**t he is.

Speaking of total c**ts (and getting back the more ‘important’ issue or Prince Harry)… take a look at these hypocrites.

UPDATE – Post now features photoshopped fluffiness. (Posted to B3ta.)

Further reading:

UPDATE – The Express should also have a large serving of shutthefuckup, especially as their proprieter is prone to outbursts like this one.

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