Tara Conlan and John Beyer have misled the Christian community

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John Beyer and Tara Conlan may want to look up their names in Google, MSN or Yahoo this morning… it should give them a little lesson in how weblogs work. Thanks also to everyone who has chipped in with useful information by email and comments (again we see how weblogs work, yes?)…

There have been a few suggestions that we fight fire with fire. One such suggestion involves the creation of a similar machine to Beyer’s that counters his protests with equal or greater (and possibly inflate ‘er) numbers. I’m not thinking that way myself.

It makes much more sense to publicly denounce and cripple the Beyer/Conlan machine. Then the ‘unprecedented’ level of protest will be discredited for all to see. More in a mo…

Mail on Sunday – BBC boss in hiding: BBC2 controller Roly Keating, his wife and their three young children were driven out of their million-dollar house after a Christian group posted his private address and telephone number on its website. They fled yesterday morning after security experts decided the threat to kill Mr Keating if the programme went ahead was a credible one.

Let’s pass over that million-dollar-house-rich-bastard-probably-deserved-it nudge and move right along to the site that posted this information, which said on the offending page that: Neither the BBC nor Ofcom care what you think anyway. So we have to do something a bit more direct.”

It then went on to list the home addresses the BBC Director of Television and the BBC2 Controller and also said: The names and addresses of the other 10 Governors have been sent to Christian Voice members and supporters only, although our members and supporters are at liberty to share that publicly-available information. Click here to join Christian Voice.

Independent – The Moral Minority and the BBC: a reality showdown close to Jerry Springer’s heart: The email from Christian Voice’s national director, Stephen Green, to subscribers – obtained by The Independent on Sunday – stated: “We make no apologies for giving their home addresses and in as many cases as we can, their phone numbers … We know normal protests are channelled in such a way as to be ignored.”

Now what do you think this is suggesting?

While the above Mail article may be online, today’s follow-up article with the headline Running Scared is not. In this article, Beth Hale and Fiona McRae say: A spokesperson for Christian Voice… has now removed them from its website and condemned the threats. Director Stephen Green said: “We were a little naive in thinking our website was used only by Christians.” Mr Green added: Freedom of speech brings responsibilities – you don’t go out of your way to offend people. That’s a deliberate insult and the BBC don’t seem to understand that.”

The Warm Up GuyAhhh, I see. It was just a naive mistake. And this is all the BBC’s fault anyway. Now, I wonder where people got the impression that the BBC did this to deliberately offend people?

Allow me to repeat a phrase from Sunday’s Mail article: Security experts decided the threat to kill Mr Keating if the programme went ahead was a credible one.

So their comment on Sunday saying threats of violence are wrong and today’s expanded piece by Melanie Philips are not entirely unlike the warnings of the warm-up guy for Jerry Springer, who would tell the audience not to attack the guests. Even though that’s exactly what they know the audience will do.

The only difference is that the Mail has provided their warnings after the show.

The police – who are investigating the threats – probably already have their eye on Stephen Green. It was BBC lawyers who had him remove the addresses from his website, so a complaint is probably in place.

David Hope is another name that deserves attention…

The Sunday Times – TV chiefs given guards over Springer: Two of Britain’s most prominent churchmen – David Hope, the Archbishop of York, and Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster – were among those who criticised the broadcast. Hope, the Church of England’s second most senior bishop, said: “The BBC pushed the boundaries of taste and decency too far.”

Boundaries of taste and decency! The exact words of John Beyer fed into that circular. WTF is this shepherd doing acting like a bloody sheep?

And the IoS was spot on when it said: Michael Ancram, the Conservative’s deputy leader, should be mocked for his opportunistic leap on the moral bandwagon.

And we all know what Murdoch and Wade were up to…

There are other rather suspect names being put forward in comments. Feel free to poke around if you like, but I only have two names on my list: Tara Conlan and John Beyer.

They cooked this up and misled red-misted members of the Christian community.

Why the Daily Mail chose to go along with it is anybody’s guess:

Playbill – Jerry Springer The Opera on the Verge of Closure: According to The Independent newspaper, a closure announcement for Jerry could be imminent (the paper predicted that the show could shut up shop as early as lunchtime on Oct. 25, but at the time of writing that deadline has passed and the show is still officially open). The reason for the trauma, say the show’s producers, is that a libel action fought against the Daily Mail is proving cripplingly expensive.

(Cheers go to Joe for this lead. Joe also points out that: The first (Dec 3) article appeared ten days before the court case was due to be heard. He and I would like to know how that court case turned out. If anybody has any leads or links..)

I’m investigating the PCC route today. I would also appreciate any thoughts on what criminal charges – if any – can be brought against Tara Conlan and John Beyer for their role in instigating this outrage-based-on lies and the subsequent death threats. I’m sure I don’t need to remind you that the email circular at the core of this begins with the words: “The Sikhs have made a stand – but will Christians?”

(Cheers to Daily Mail Watch for the screengrab.)

UPDATE – a rushed linkdump (no time for context, Dr. Jones! – but a quick nod to The Community At Large is in order):

Note – I’m waiting for more data before I make my PCC complaint. (I particularly want to nail down the source of the quote attributed to Roly Keating. I also need to confirm that the JSTO email circular originated from John Beyer and not an ‘unrelated’ Christian group that just happened to use the ammunition he so helpfully provided.) BUT… if you want to make a complaint ahead of me, feel free. The links you’ll need are:

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