Vote For Me was created by… erm, me!

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I may go along… but only to ask where I pick up my cheque.

Dear Applause Store Member,Applause Store is extremely excited to be involved in a revolutionary newshow geared towards finding a new MP who will truly speak for the people.Have you ever sat around with friends or colleagues and discussed how badly(or how well) you think the country is run? Would you like to help shape theway Britain is run? Do you have strong views about the government? Would youlike to hear your views heard at the next general election? Well now youcan. Live on ITV1!’VOTE FOR ME’ is the new ITV1 live show which will help find potential MP tostand as an independent candidate in the next general election.The host Jonathan Maitland (Question Time) joined by panelist KelvinMackenzie, John Sergeant and Lorraine Kelly (GMTV).The show will be transmitted from South Bank at The London Studios (LWT),Upper Ground, London, SE1 9LT.These exclusive audience tickets have just been released and are expected togo very quickly. If you would like to come along and give your opinions andtruly have a voice, please call Applause Store on 0208 324 2700 as soon aspossible (office hours 10:30am-18:00pm).Lets help to make Britain a true Democracy!Available dates are:Tuesday 11th January 05 @ 21:45pmWednesday 12th January 05 @ 21:45pmThursday 13th January 05 @ 21:45pmFriday 14th January 05 @ 21:45pmMin Age 18+Applause Store Productions Ltd

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