Backing Blair – getting trucks on the street

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I want it - I want it so bad!I want you to help me do this!

I want a truck with big bloody posters on the side to go driving around London. I want it to do laps of Parliament Square. Again and again and again until the driver gets dizzy or the police intervene. I want it to drive past Downing St. I want it to drive past Abingdon Green, where reporters stand to do their to-camera pieces from outside Parliament.

And all the while, I want the in-built PA system to broadcast important messages like:

– The terrorists want to kill you. We *love* you! Please don’t vote for terrorists.
– George W. Bush is your friend! 51% of Americans prefer George W. Bush.
– We are pleased to announce that the Iraq war is within measurable distance of its end.
– Look under more mattresses! 60% of the British population hide contraband under their mattresses!

I know this may mean you having to move your porno stash, but damn it, this has to happen!

And do you know what?

We’re only a couple of hundred squid away from making it happen.

The Backing Blair fund now stands at 831.43 GBP

Public Whip deserves a shout here, as they are our most generous donors. So far.

Our bank account just went live, so we could sign a cheque for a 1/4 page ad right about now… but I don’t want that.

I. Want. This!

This is a glorious photo opportunity. This shows that we have enough support to reach critical mass. This will make everyone who sees it turn their head and go; “WTF?!”

I. Want. This!

I want you to want it.

And I want you to send Backing Blair money to help make it happen.

This is even easier to do than it was before… because Backing Blair now accepts donations by cheque!

Did you catch that bit?

This is even easier to do than it was before… because Backing Blair now accepts donations by cheque!

The cool thing about these trucks is that you can get the posters made and then have them rolled up for re-use. So once we get over this first hurdle, it’s only a matter of raising a few hundred squid each time we want another truck to go out.


I want this! I want this! I want this!

I. Want. This!

And we are so very, very close to making it a reality.

Dig deep. Give until it hurts.

Have you sent the money yet? Why are you reading this when you could be sending money?


OK, here’s what else we need…

1. I’d like a Bloggerheads regular on the truck for a full or partial ride-along. If you have the ability to blog from your mobile, so much the better. Live updates of truck locations and immediate reports of any hassle/reactions we get would be a mighty fine thing indeed.

2. I’d like a few Bloggerheads regulars with digital cameras (video and still) on hand to document the event. If you can take video footage and spit it out as Quicktime or something equally webcastable, so much the better.

I. Want. This!

And by now, I would hope that you want it too.

Cheers all.

(breathes again)

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