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Posted by Tim Ireland at February 10, 2005

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We’re good to go:

Backing Blair

Take a few moments to enjoy our first campaign ad and then come back here when you’re ready.


OK. Initially, I want 3 things from you. It’s up to you how much you give.

1. I want some prime real estate on your website. I want you to use the link tools to drive as much traffic our way as you can.

London Underground: The Song2. I want your money. I want you to donate money via Paypal today if you can (we’ll be accepting cheques from next week if all goes well). The money will be spent on things like these mobile billboards that have built-in PA systems that will allow us to spout wonderfully skewed ‘pro’-Blair propaganda like:

“A vote for Tony Blair protects you from the terrorist threat.”
“Eat more sausages. Sausages are an inexpensive source of protein.”

Fun fun fun fun fun.


3. I want you to get involved. I want you to join or form a group and do stuff. Then I want you to document it, photograph it, video it and publish/blog it.

I want you and your readers excited, I want you and your readers revved up, and I want you and your readers entertained.

And what you see at Backing Blair is just the start, BTW. We have some fanatasic material in reserve.

Regulars of Bloggerheads may enjoy the opening shots on the Backing Blair weblog. We’ve begun with an email to Tony Blair for reasons that I think should be obvious.

We’ve also identified 92 serving MPs with the title ‘mp’ in their domain name. All of these people will have to move house as soon as the election is called. The list includes Michael Howard, Charles Clarke, and many MPs who have played significant roles in information technology, so really should know better.

I repeat: fun fun fun fun fun.

Let’s go show the professionals how Teh Interwebs works. Let’s make this an election where grass-roots campaigning plays a major role. Let’s get some important issues on the agenda. Let’s get some intelligent debate started.

Let’s. Get. Tony.

Launch post at The UK Today
Reactions to the launch at
A stand-out post of support at Chicken Yoghurt
A bit of discussion going on here


  1. says

    Backing Blair

    Backing Blair has just launched (more here). Watch the intro and you’ll get the idea… Many an election is run on false promises, lies, and the illusion of choice. During the 2005 general election, we seek to bring the…

  2. Backing Blair

    Backing Blair has started. This is going to be fun.

  3. watching them : watching us says

    Backing Blair

    Mailwatch supports the Backing Blair Campaign

  4. davblog says

    Backing Blair Launches

    The Backing Blair campaign has launched. Please visit the site and take a look at all the interesting things that…

  5. Full Spectrum Democracy says

    Backing Blair

    That big banner over there

  6. snooo says

    You want me to vote tory?Nah mate. Couldn’t bring myself to vote for that racist scumbag.

  7. balders says

    snooo, do a vote swap with a tory who’s second place candidate is a LibDem. You vote tory for him, he votes LibDem for you.

  8. mactually says

    Backing Blair

    Will you be Backing Blair?

  9. snooo says

    maybe. i think the second place candidate in edgebaston (where I’m studying) should (most likely) be a liberal – but in Kingswood (where I am from) it would be a tory. I understandthe sentiment of the campaign, i don’t know if I could ever bring myself to vote against Roger Berry. He’s a lovely bloke and he’s done quite a bit for the disabled community.Gisela Stuart… now thats a somewhat easier decision :-)

  10. melissa_cw says

    Fantastic Tim – you are genius to beat all geniuses!

  11. Independence says

    Anti-Labour Tactical Voting – Again

    We’ve had the anti-Labour tactical-voting Save the Scottish Regiments campaign, as reported by Independence blog here. Now we have the anti-Labour tactical-voting I’m Backing Blair campaign, as reported by The Inside Of My Head blog here:Over at B…

  12. FransGroenendijk says

    Since you are so much into this satire thing I would like to ask you: are you inspired by the success of the anyone-but-Bush campaign?Stuart Dickson of the SNP has good comment in my opinion.( )

  13. Guy Gooberman says

    Links up at my site.

  14. The Skakagrall says

    ‘Backing Blair’

    ‘Backing Blair’, an ironic (their adjective is Orwellian) election campaign targeting the prime minister, was launched on 10 February. They are supporting no less than 45 SNP candidates in the forthcoming election, including all the present…

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