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Posted by Tim Ireland at February 4, 2005

Category: Teh Interwebs

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Friday, February 4th, 2005
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Some complete jerk has – in the past 3 days – started a trackback-spamming effort (with multiple IPs) for his ‘online casino’ and ‘texas holdem poker’. He’s hit this site and Boris’s. If you’re quick, you’ll be able to see an example of his trackback-spam here at

If I find you who he is, I’m going to track him down, go to his house and spray-paint my domain name on his garage door.

I hate spamming twunts!


  1. Wibbler says

    Bugger. I’ll keep it there for posterity. For the moment

  2. Manic says

    Cheers, mate. I’d deleted all mine (and Boris’s) before I realised I’d need an example.This is a new technique is it not? I’ve not seen automated Trackback spam before now.

  3. bigdaddymerk says

    I’ve been hit with trackback spam for mailwatch and bigdaddymerk. fucking loads of the stuff. I was getting loads of normal spam from those texas holem nobbers but closing the old comments seemed to fix it. I’m getting sick of these twunts now.

  4. Manic says
  5. Armin says

    A few blogs and at least one of the bloghosters in Germany were hit big time by them earlier this week, some of them had several hundred spambacks in a very short period. It almost crashed a few servers because of the amount of spambacks they were sending.I’m just amazed how dumb some of the spammers are:’ve got quite a few “texas holdem” in my spam folder if anyone needs them ;-)

  6. balders says

    Effing bastards. A client has been on the recieving end of this one. No end of headaches, over 450 simultaneous hits, servers damn died.

  7. Gareth says

    I been having this problem recently – online poker, phenylamine and US morgages.Bloody irritating.

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