Veritas: more than it seems?

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and Jack Chick is a right-wing nutjobThere was a pronounced delay between Kilroy’s departure from the They Won’t Let Me Be Leader Party and the launch of his own party – which was even then rumoured to be called ‘veritas’… and this man thinks he knows why.


Europhobia – Veritas to sue Veritas?

Guardian – Kilroy-Silk colleague linked to ex-National Front leader: Anthony Bennett, whose name appears in the Electoral Commission’s database as the official leader of Mr Kilroy-Silk’s party Veritas, was also fired from the UK Independence party last year after publishing a pamphlet describing the prophet Muhammad as a paedophile.

Telegraph – The Prophet Mohammed was a paedophile, says Kilroy-Silk aide

He’s in good company. That’s a favourite line of Jack Chick. Incidentally, you may be interested in the “powerful new gospel film” by Jack Chick. I found this clip to be particularly compelling.

What’s that I hear? Kilroy Veritas? (Cheers Chicken Yoghurt. Duly bombed.)

We pause now for a fundraising infomercial from Honourable Fiend

Telegraph – Your view: Do you trust Veritas? (via this post at The UK Today). Some awfully fawning replies in there; one might wonder how many come directly from Veritan central.

New Veritas logo.

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