Vote for me

Posted by Tim Ireland at February 21, 2005

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Monday, February 21st, 2005
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Or I will eat your children.



  1. crabmuffins says

    Vote hypnotoad!

  2. Manic says

    (votes hypnotoad)

  3. lounger says

    PUBLIC HEALTH AND SPINI am surprised that no one seems interested enough to comment on my postings on this site.[ed] – Because they’re off-topic and over-long. That’s why all other comments by you bar this one (going back to 15 Feb) are being deleted. Cheers.

  4. jon says

    We are voting for just what here? Or is this one one the new fangled democratic sytems, viz:Birmingham, where six councillors are up for election fraud; Spain, where 41.5% of the electorate bothered to vote on the EU thingy; Zimbabwe, where Bob has, and this is utterly brilliant, an ‘Anti-Corruption’ Minister called Didymus Mutasa who will make sure his elections follow the fine example set by Dubya in Florida back along?My bet is that we will all get a vote, and then will get a result that will be based on what we SHOULD have voted for, only we were too thick to know what we really wanted. Which will just happen to coincide with what Tony told us to want.Jon.

  5. irritant says

    Lounger, you’re more than welcome to post on my blog -I could do with audience.

  6. Guy Gooberman says

    Now that’s funny.

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