Zach/Zack Exley now working full-time for Bush ally Blair

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Independent – No 10 in new dirty tricks row over role of US ‘garbage man’: Labour has hired an American spin doctor known as the “garbage man” for publishing pictures doctored to show George Bush taking cocaine. The party faces controversy over “dirty tricks” after it said Zack Exley, 35, is working full-time on its campaign. He is notorious in Washington as an expert in the use of the internet to spread black propaganda. President Bush was moved to call him a “garbage man”…. Matthew Taylor, the Liberal Democrat chairman, said: “The irony of Mr Blair hiring someone George Bush has condemned as a garbage man will be lost on nobody.”

What the bloody hell does Zack Exley think he’s playing at?

First he works for against Bush in one election and now he’s over on this side of the pond working full-time for Bush’s poodle in another.

I can see why Labour would need him after pathetic efforts like this, but why – why – would Exley agree to this?

Perhaps he has some top-secret plan to bring down the campaign from within. And perhaps he’s just a whore.

Perhaps you and I should ask.

UPDATE – Guido is also on the case.

UPDATE – Perhaps it’s yet another unfortunate misunderstanding

UPDATE – Nick Barlow also wishes to have a few words in your shell-like.

UPDATE – Zach… Zack… Hm….. some people (including me) have had trouble with the spelling; perhaps he should choose a less-confusing alternative.


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