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Guardian – Terror bill climbdown by Labour: Tony Blair’s government last night sustained a significant blow to its authority when 60 Labour MPs, including four ex-cabinet ministers, rebelled against Charles Clarke’s plans to impose control orders on terrorist suspects – despite last minute concessions – and helped slash their party’s 161-vote majority to just 14.

Bloody lefties. Even Reuters has been infiltrated. As usual, I have to turn to The Sun for the truth…

The Sun – Better Still: The Home Secretary has reached a sensible compromise over the anti-terror laws. Charles Clarke’s willingness to listen has produced a good result. The amended law is better than the original one that caused such a row in Parliament. Now, if the Home Secretary wishes to issue a control order against a terrorist suspect, he must consult a judge first. But while the judge is making his decision, the police will have the powers to hold the suspect. The Tories should stop trying to score points on such a vital issue. The new law will enable swift action to be taken against suspects while also safeguarding rights. It is a powerful weapon which we should all welcome.

See? It’s not a defeat… it’s an *improvement*….

Now we should stop all this political posturing and just allow Blair and Clarke to have their way. Before we all get blowed up.


UPDATE – The new Guardian blog points us to a list showing how MPs voted (see below). Mine voted against. Twice. So I’m going to write her a nice email at lunchtime.

Perhaps you’d care to look up your local MP after checking how (or if) they voted and write something suitable yourself.

UPDATE – Thanks to Anthony for this….

Click here for votes on Division No. 94
Click here for votes on Division No. 101

UPDATE – You may find it easier (and quicker) to simply look up your MP via This will also let you know how they’ve voted on similar/related issues in the past. Once you’ve looked your MP up and written an email expressing praise, confusion or disappointment, you may also want to have a play with the most-execllent ‘Dream MP’ function at

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