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Posted by Tim Ireland at March 1, 2005

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Guardian – Terror bill climbdown by Labour: Tony Blair’s government last night sustained a significant blow to its authority when 60 Labour MPs, including four ex-cabinet ministers, rebelled against Charles Clarke’s plans to impose control orders on terrorist suspects – despite last minute concessions – and helped slash their party’s 161-vote majority to just 14.

Bloody lefties. Even Reuters has been infiltrated. As usual, I have to turn to The Sun for the truth…

The Sun – Better Still: The Home Secretary has reached a sensible compromise over the anti-terror laws. Charles Clarke’s willingness to listen has produced a good result. The amended law is better than the original one that caused such a row in Parliament. Now, if the Home Secretary wishes to issue a control order against a terrorist suspect, he must consult a judge first. But while the judge is making his decision, the police will have the powers to hold the suspect. The Tories should stop trying to score points on such a vital issue. The new law will enable swift action to be taken against suspects while also safeguarding rights. It is a powerful weapon which we should all welcome.

See? It’s not a defeat… it’s an *improvement*….

Now we should stop all this political posturing and just allow Blair and Clarke to have their way. Before we all get blowed up.


UPDATE – The new Guardian blog points us to a list showing how MPs voted (see below). Mine voted against. Twice. So I’m going to write her a nice email at lunchtime.

Perhaps you’d care to look up your local MP after checking how (or if) they voted and write something suitable yourself.

UPDATE – Thanks to Anthony for this….

Click here for votes on Division No. 94
Click here for votes on Division No. 101

UPDATE – You may find it easier (and quicker) to simply look up your MP via This will also let you know how they’ve voted on similar/related issues in the past. Once you’ve looked your MP up and written an email expressing praise, confusion or disappointment, you may also want to have a play with the most-execllent ‘Dream MP’ function at


  1. Europhobia says

    Bush II: Human rights

    Via Bloggerheads, the new Observer blog has a link not only to the list of which MPs voted which way (handy reference for the upcoming election), but also a transcript of a superb account from Barbara Follett MP of why detention orders should be anathe…

  2. Anthony Wells says

    Tim – the Guardian’s list is the vote at 2nd reading where about 30 MPs rebels. The big rebellion of 60 MPs last night is here (Division 101): in this division, Barbara Follett did revolt!)

  3. Manic says

    Cheers, Anthony. Post updated.

  4. Anthony Wells says

    Delving into pedants corner for a second, the links are the wrong was round. 94 was earlier than 101 ;)(OK – I just wanted to update the link to show my new address :) )

  5. Manic says

    (sigh)Links fixed. Credit link updated, too. TypeKey will keep forcing that old link when you comment, BTW. You may need to kick off with a new profile if you want to whore more effectively.That URL again, folks:;oP

  6. Gavin says

    I’m not sure what to make of my MP, Frank Field, as he voted against the first but for the second division.His contribution was to suggest that the debate be extended by using opposition time – the opposition agreed to this but this possibility seemed to catch the deputy speake of the commons of guard:”The Chair is unable to make any suggestion about the way in which the usual channels work. That is one of the great mysteries of the House. However, it is always open to the usual channels to act in the way that they think fit.”Isn’t it wonderful that our parliamentary democracy doesn’t even have a constitution for them to rip up!!

  7. goatchurch says

    I do all this work to make the voting usable, and you keep linking to the old hansard stuff. What’s the use? Okay, so our server has been down all day due to a power failure, but it’s up now. You can see all the edited motions for Terrorism laws back to 2001 with links to the precise items of legislation: you go to the page of one MP, you can compare them to this issue, and get: it!!!

  8. Manic says

    Sir! Yes, sir!Post updated.:O)PS – You may be interested to know that I’ve also added you to ‘sources’ in the navbar.

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