Eclectic link dump #9

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Watch this. Pause. *Then* read this.

This is funny.

This isn’t.

(This is mildly amusing, though.)

Christian Voice begs for cash.

Here are some lip-syncing tips for Flash animation.

The voices! The voices!

Look! A squirrel!

I had a play with Copyscape yesterday (link via The Ultimate Insult). I mostly found a few XML feeds that I was unaware of, and not a lot of lifted text. It turns out that most of the stuff that gets ripped off from Bloggerheads is pictures and Flash movies.

Speaking of which… Cublo Games contains some Flash goodness (both classic and fresh). The site’s a bugger to navigate (and I can’t link to individual games) but someone has decided to save and host this little number, which doesn’t appear on the main website for some reason.

BBC – ‘Vigilantes’ set for Mexico border patrol: From 1 April, groups of volunteers from across the US will spend up to a month camped out in the inhospitable Arizona desert. But this is no ordinary hunting or camping trip. Armed with night vision goggles, radios and light aircraft, their quarry are the hundreds of immigrants who each night seek illegally to cross the wire fence separating the US from Mexico.

The official site is here. I’m not sure if it’s cynicism or optimism that makes me suspect that this is a joke.

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