Hang in there (PS – helloooo Anne Milton)

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I’m still busy and may be too busy to blog until early next week… but there’s lots of groovy stuff on the way.

Send me money, buy some stickers or start/join a MeetUp group if you need something to do.

The first cheque donations arrived by post yesterday and we can now withdraw money from our Paypal account. We’ll be able to write cheques and make stuff happen from this time next week.

BTW, I have a few promising ideas for next Tuesday’s London MeetUp, and there may be a sneak-preview of Video 2 available if someone would care to bring a laptop with a USB port.

Cheers all.

PS – The Lib-Dems have just launched a new site (that’s *not* why I’ve been busy, by the way). You may find this item/promise on cold-calling interesting.

For the record, I’m registered with the Telephone Preference Service and I’ve received a cold-call from a ‘survey company’ representing Anne Milton, the local Tory candidate (her early posters and pamphlets carry the bold and comforting message… Anne Milton: Mother. Nurse.)

The caller claimed to be working for company called Geneva, and got a bit funny when I tried to find out more about what this company was and what its relationship was with Anne Milton and/or the Conservative Party (before finally cutting me off when I asked if he was calling from an overseas call centre).

The caller claimed:
– that he couldn’t give me any further details about the company
– but he could tell me that it was both a corporation and a charity
– that he was not paid to do this survey, but that the company was doing it out of the goodness of their heart
– that Anne was from Sussex, not Surrey (she was born in the former and now lives in the latter, as it turns out)
– that Anne was a doctor (as opposed to a former nurse)

(UPDATE – As it turns out, Geneva is a Tory Party call centre. Now I have enough information to file a complaint. Cheers to Luca’s Ade for the heads-up.)

I’ve also heard of a chap who had a letter about Anne Milton published in the local paper (with their name and address). The result was a Tory party representative knocking on their door wanting to discuss the letter.

Milton had best watch her step. She may end up being the target of some hysterical bullying if she’s not careful.

PS2 – Oh, you’re going to love this latest thought from Gareth Davies and these Google results will cheer you up no end (well done, Tim Worstall).

PS3 – I’ll never get any work done at this rate! Guido quotes Strobes on the subject of a past life as a prostitute and its possible impact on your future in the Labour Party.

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