On the subject of quoting out of context

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(shakes head)
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Tom’s recent Vote Liberal Democrat – Get the Tories post links to this JPEG, which provides us with the shock admission from Charles Kennedy that “voting Lib Dem could help the Conservatives”… but if you read the actual story…

Scotsman – Voting Lib Dem could help the Conservatives, admits Kennedy: Charles Kennedy has admitted that voting Liberal Democrat at the forthcoming general election could let Conservative candidates win in 20 seats throughout the United Kingdom. The Liberal Democrat leader has predicted that the coming election will deliver a series of “unpredictable” results – including the Tories benefiting from Labour voters who defect to his party. His admission will be seized on by the Labour Party, which wishes to fight the Lib Dems out of the election by portraying the vote as a two-horse race for 10 Downing Street – arguing that a vote for any other party will help the Tories.

And so it came to be. It saddens me that this would come from Tom.

UPDATE – Read the comments thread in the top link and you’ll see a comment from some ‘member of the public’ calling himself ‘norman’ who attempts to disrupt the debate by claiming that he’s a BNP supporter who supports Backing Blair.

However, Tom points out that this comment actually came from inside the Houses of Parliament.


Well done, Tom.

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