Search engine optimisation – a report on UK High St retailers

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Thursday, March 17th, 2005
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Here’s a shock… during January and February, I actually found some time to get some work done! For several weeks, I worked my guts out over a 10,000+ word report on 18 High St retailers (like Boots, Tesco, etc.), how they approach search engines, and how they perform in search engines.

This report has now been finalised and released.

My personal executive summary is as follows:

By and large, they appear to not know about search engines and how they work or they simply don’t care. Instead, they are heavily reliant on their brands (e.g. a quarter of a million UK web users search for ‘dixons’ every month, so why bother chasing ‘electrical goods’?).

More key findings and details are posted here at the Screen Pages weblog.

You can order a copy of this report here (there’s also a preview version of this report for those of you in the cheap seats).

Cheers all.

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