Tony Blair’s pants are on fire

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BBC – MP thrown out over Blair war jibe: An MP has been thrown out of the House of Commons chamber after claiming that Tony Blair had “misled” Parliament over the Iraq war. The Commons speaker ordered Plaid Cymru’s Adam Price to leave after he refused to withdraw the comments. Mr Price was trying to highlight calls to impeach the prime minister ahead of Friday’s second anniversary of the start of the conflict. The rules bar MPs from accusing fellow parliamentarians of lying.

But they don’t stop me. Googlebombs away!

Tony Blair is a liar. Being a politician and a lawyer makes him quite an accomplished and skilled liar, but a liar he is, and it is as a liar that he will be remembered.


BBC – Iraq, Tony and the truth: Last Summer the Prime Minister made an impassioned plea to draw a line under Iraq, saying – “No one lied. No one made up the intelligence… Everyone genuinely tried to do their best in good faith for the country in circumstances of acute difficulty. That issue of good faith should now be at an end.” – But allegations that Mr Blair misled the country persist. On the second anniversary of the Iraq war, Panorama reveals how several of the claims he made in public during the build up to the war – and afterwards – conflict with what was going on behind the scenes, as evidenced for instance by government officials and documents.
Tony Blair is a big, fat liar!
Panorama, Sunday 20th March, 10:15pm

Watch it and learn more about what a big, fat liar Tony Blair is. Tape it and show your friends what a big, fat liar Tony Blair is.


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Note – The new version of the poster to see here is only a draft. I’ll work on a larger one once I have a definitive up-to-the-minute cost of the war in Iraq. This figure is an interim one based on this item. I’ll dig for more later today.

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