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Posted by Tim Ireland at April 11, 2005

Category: UK General Election 2005

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Monday, April 11th, 2005
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The Lib-Dems appear to be the only party with a fully-functional battle-bush and campaign weblog. And the bloggage comes to us directly from the battle-bus. One day we will learn to fear their ruthless efficiency…

UPDATE – It turns out that ‘Honest’ John Prescott has his own battle-bus and baby-blog (when it grows up, it hopes to have a comments feature).


  1. Spinneyhead says

    Battle of the battle bus battle blogs

    Bloggerheads reports on the LibDem battle bus and its dedicated weblog, only to find their statement that it’s the only one out there is wrong- enter the Prescott Express.

  2. julian bond says

    If it doesn’t have RSS/Atom, it’s not a blog.Please tell the SNP, Prescott, CHannel 4 News and a host of others.

  3. Despeh says

    I saw the Prescott battle bus in Stafford the other day. Me and my good friends Rich, Lee and the driver of the Uno we were in . I also witnessed it on the wolverhampton road on my way home on wednesday.

  4. China Bus says

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