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Posted by Tim Ireland at April 11, 2005

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Existing Actually makes an interesting comment here on the following article. I’ve highlighted the same passage…

New Statesman – How to give Blair a bloody nose: All that said, the only sure way to keep the Tories out is to vote Labour. The NS offers this guide in a spirit of public service. We do not recommend anti-Blair tactical voting – but it is better than staying at home and not voting at all.

Jesus H Christ… it’d be nice to see a little nerve, wouldn’t it? How are these people going to feel when Blair skates home and he assures us all that the election result amounts to a ringing endorsement of his policies regarding Iraq and the ‘war’ on terror?

Three plugs: – they have some forecasts they wish to share with you – they invite you to discuss matter relating to the election – is dedicating their time to watching Blair

And here’s someone else keeping an eye on Blair…

Independent – ‘Rent-a-crowds’ ensure nothing is left to chance on campaign trail: When Tony Blair and Gordon Brown launched an election campaign poster this week in front of an enthusiastic crowd, some members of their audience may have felt they had heard it all before. The politicians’ words may have been familiar, and so were some of the faces of the background crowd.

Sunday Times – Focus: Blair goes wooing with DVDs and rent-a-crowd after being warned it’s no walkover: The meetings with “ordinary” people have been staged to give the right impression. Some people have turned out to be Labour’s “rent a crowd”, with the same photogenic families appearing at different events. As one party insider privately admitted: “It doesn’t matter if Tony only meets a handful of people on a particular day; the TV pictures will get to millions of voters.”

Also, there’s this…

Guardian – There’s no avoiding Blair on opposition pamphlets but for Labour, not a sign: Try as they might, there is one word that Labour MPs can’t bring themselves to mention on election bumph now thudding on to doormats. T-O-N-Y. You know, the prime minister, the leader of the Labour party – that charismatic young barrister who got many of them elected in the first place eight years ago.

And, finally – a little self-publicising to get the blood up…

Sunday Herald – Bloggers ready for general election debut: With the British general election now officially announced will blogging come of age here? Blogs like Harry’s Place, SamizData and the Adam Smith Institute have been steadily building audiences over the past couple of years, and there are signs of fresh activity in the run-up to the election. Sites such as and have recently been launched to raise funds and encourage disillusioned Labour voters to vote tactically to damage the government. These efforts are being driven by sites in the political centre such as

I object to the use of ‘political centre’ – it should be ‘chewy political centre’…

UPDATE – DailyKos finally got wind of us, but there’s still no mention of Zach Exley.

UPDATE – Oh, and in case you missed Friday’s linkage, Spinon is back.

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