Electoral fraud and ID cards

Posted by Tim Ireland at April 7, 2005

Category: UK General Election 2005

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Thursday, April 7th, 2005
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Europhobia – General Election to be delayed?

(Oi! Steady on with the alarmist headlines, or I’ll report you to Daily Mail Watch!)

Nick Barlow has a fabulous post about Blunkett using this as an argument for ID cards, but Honourable Fiend is far more succinct.

UPDATE – Unrelated, but worth checking out.


  1. Nosemonkey says

    The Daily Mail* has taught me a valuable lesson, it’s true – if you’ve got a substandard product you have to pull in the punters with distortions and half-truths.* could also read the Labour Party, the Murdoch press, the Conservative Party, UKIP, Veritas, and umpteen thousand other irritating things…

  2. Talk Politics says

    Don’t make assumptions…

    It was, to say the least, inevitable that in the aftermath of the electoral fraud scandal in Birmingham some bright spark would suggest that the introduction of ID cards would be just what was needed to fix this particular problem.It was also of no…

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