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A couple of articles from Sunday’s Observer that may have passed you by…

Observer – US relied on ‘drunken liar’ to justify war: An alcoholic cousin of an aide to Ahmed Chalabi has emerged as the key source in the US rationale for going to war in Iraq. According to a US presidential commission looking into pre-war intelligence failures, the basis for pivotal intelligence on Iraq’s alleged biological weapons programmes and fleet of mobile labs was a spy described as ‘crazy’ by his intelligence handlers and a ‘congenital liar’ by his friends. The defector, given the code-name Curveball by the CIA, has emerged as the central figure in the corruption of US intelligence estimates on Iraq. Despite considerable doubts over Curveball’s credibility, his claims were included in the administration’s case for war without caveat.

Observer – Labour’s unthinking opposition: David Aaronovitch accuses the intelligentsia of prejudice, cynicism and a lack of political nous in criticising Tony Blair.

You can comment on the latter article via The Observer Blog. Or not.

You may also wish to check out The Guardian’s new Election 2005 Blog aggregator.

UPDATE – And the somehwat suckier version from The Times.

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