Two plus “Who?” equals five

Posted by Tim Ireland at April 27, 2005

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Brian Sedgemore: ‘I urge everyone to give Blair a bloody nose at the election’

Nick Barlow – Crossing the floor

Chicken Yoghurt – Sedgemore: Twenty-two Years of Solicitude: So there you go – 22 years of looking after constituents. Granted, he didn’t reach the glamorous, heady heights of bombing women and children or privatising public services, but somebody remembers this man of “of neither ability nor attainment” with a degree of fondness and hasn’t dismissed 22 years of service with a “who?”.

Independent – Defection rocks morale in Labour marginals: Just as their morale was rising along with Labour’s poll ratings, party chiefs have been stunned by Brian Sedgemore’s defection to the Liberal Democrats. And it appalled Labour candidates in marginal seats faced with the tricky task of talking round voters considering switching support to Charles Kennedy’s party.

Scotsman – Defector says more MPs set to quit Labour: Despite Mr Sedgemore’s prediction of further defections after the elections, Labour “rebels” last night were keeping quiet about their intentions. None contacted by The Scotsman was willing to admit that they would jump ship to the Liberal Democrats…. any rebellion is likely to manifest itself after polling day. Many rebels are waiting for the handover of power to Gordon Brown before deciding whether the Chancellor, as fellow architect of New Labour, will repent and return the party to its roots.

Related: Bigger Than Blair

Pardon the link-dump-ness. Busy man here. Let’s move on to the repeated offer of nose-pegs for the needy…

Polly Tonybee – Snap yourself with a nose peg

Robin Grant – Angry Labour voters don’t care for Polly Toynbee and her f**king nose pegs

Both of these links, the arguments they prompt, and the very familiar words “send a message” that have begun to spill from Michael Howard’s mouth will, eventually, lead you here…

Cheryl Kernot – The master of the dog whistle

Meanwhile, the world’s greatest opportunist springs into action…

Guardian – Tories focus on Blair lies claim

And, yes, I *do* have a word or two to say about that.

More soon. Promise.

UPDATE – The camera never lies.


  1. Justin says

    I remember Cheryl Kernot from my 18 months in Melbourne in 1996/97. I arrived during the campaign just before Howard was elected for the first time.The Democrat’s campaign slogan, which Kernot would say to camera on their primetime TV adverts, was: “We’ll keep the bastards honest.”If only Charles Kennedy had the same balls.

  2. Jez says

    Re: Polly Toynbee/voting with clothes pegs on the noseIt’s illegal to enter a polling station with campaigning material (I think).I’ve written a post about it: – I don’t do trackback – always got too much trackback spam)

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