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Just a quick comment that I’d like to share with you…

Independent – Scott Ritter: Don’t let the warmonger off the hook: The American people have already shown themselves to be culpable in legitimising this tragedy by re-electing George Bush, the chief architect of this disaster, as president of the United States. In the weeks to come, the citizens of Great Britain will have a chance to carve their names in the annals of history, either slavishly repeating the same mistake of their American cousins by re-electing a man who is responsible for a massive violation of international law, or establishing the viability of British democracy as a lasting bastion of the rule of law by voting out Tony Blair. This will send a clear and lasting signal to those on the Presidential Commission and the Butler Commission that illegal wars of aggression are the responsibility of the politicians who order them, not the intelligence officials who justify them.

Of course, I (and many others) also hold the view that the Conservatives failed to act responsibly in opposition over this matter, so do not deserve a chance to return to government (if the call is made on this one issue alone).

But – as it stands – the Tories don’t stand a chance. A recent poll suggests instead that we (the electorate) will reduce Blair’s majority to 70.

That’s pretty much what’s at the guts of Backing Blair.

Labour in. Blair out.

Your protest vote can make it happen.

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