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I have been advised that the catchphrase of the day for all surviving Labour MPs is: “an historic third term”…

A clear case of; “Never mind the majority; feel the width!”

Blair is – right now – more vulnerable than he was last summer. If you want to be rid of the wolf, then you must not allow yourselves to be herded like sheep.

You need to survey the pack and sense who is ready to go in for the kill. Then pounce.

You need to *be* the wolf.

And – above all – you need to appreciate the irony of your prey being so because he cried; “Wolf!”

PS – Happy Birthday, Tony.

UPDATE – He still just doesn’t get it, does he?


  1. James says

    Can Backing Blair now turn into a campaign for Labour MPs to *stop* ‘backing Blair’ and stand down, hacking away at his majority bit by bit? Even if it could convince one MP to resign and force a by-election, it’d be a success.

  2. bigdaddymerk says

    we got the tories here. He’s a tosser too. Might have to make his next 4/5 years hell. I feel some letters coming on!

  3. Manic says

    step one: own the name (drop me a line tomorrow… erm, today)

  4. James says

    The other catchphrase appears to be ‘the Liberal Democrats failed to gain any key seats’, forgetting of course that they’re up 12 so far.

  5. Scaryduck says

    And nobody’s saying “lame duck prime minister”. Well, not too loudly anyway.The Sun, however, appears to be dumping Tony already. World’s shortest honeymoon, anyone?

  6. Unity says

    If anyone’s interested I’ve done my best to reconstruct Reg Key’s speech from last night – posted at free to copy, repost and quote at will

  7. Luca's Ade says

    LOL, I lost track of how many times I heard Labour MPs saying it’s a historic third term. Surely history written in the future should be the judge of what’s historic and what’s not.

  8. Luca's Ade says

    Oh, and I’ve done a spot of preliminary Number Crunching. Spread the word, let’s kick start the PR campaign.

  9. Luca's Ade says
  10. Seamus O'Blimey says

    Have to agree with James.. keep chipping away at Blair. BB deserves a pat on the back, it’s hard to measure influence and success but I think you had more than your democratic share of both.. well done!and remember.. things can only get better..

  11. James says

    If all the ten MPs who have come out and criticised Blair stood down, went up for re-election as independents and won, the majority would immediately be cut to just 47.It's a shame that even Robin Cook and Glenda Jackson don't have the balls.

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