Jerry Springer – Ofcom rules

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Ofcom have ruled on the broadcast of Jerry Springer: The Opera.

(Heads-up via Scaryduck.)

You can read their findings here (PDF). You’ll find the JS:TO report under ‘Not in Breach’.

Media Watch Watch have made a few comments and are kind enough to bring us a HTML version of Ofcom’s findings.

It’s pretty much what you would expect, but does bring up a new player in the game that I previously wasn’t aware of – the Premier Media Group.

Later today, you can expect a response from John Beyer and Stephen Green (who via a sudden rush of publicity and/or funding, has found the resources required to give his site a professional makeover – you can see what the site used to look like here).

They’re sure to reject the report and find Ofcom at fault. Then our political leaders will get the blame, then our moral leaders, and – finally – God. I doubt they’ll ever get time to wonder if they were in any way wrong about this.

But here’s what really sticks in my craw…

We still don’t know where the offensive and dangerous email circular at the centre of this came from and we probably never will.

This deeply irresponsible campaign – that began with this email and was aided by forces from the Christian right and alarm-loving media outlets such as The Sun and the Daily Mail – caused needless anguish in the minds of Christians, put lives at risk, and wasted a considerable amount of licence-payers’ and taxpayers’ money.

And it’s likely to happen again.

This is why I’m greatly disturbed that there doesn’t appear to be an official IT-savvy body with a remit or ability to deal with kind of thing and investigate aspects such as the nature, intention and source of the email and the possibility that many ‘individual’ complaints came from web users using multiple identities.

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