Rupert Murdoch and the caged monster in his underpants

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Please excuse me as I rattle out a few links, mostly for my own reference:

The front page of the Sun showing Saddam in his underpants
Related article
British tabloid publishes photos of detained Saddam
U.S. Condemns Tabloid’s Use Of Photos Of Saddam In Underwear
Sun defends using Saddam pictures
Saddam to sue newspaper over leaked jail pictures (also shows image on the front page of that other fine Murdoch-owned newspaper, the New York Post)
Bush supports probe into Saddam pictures

1. Tch. The perfect opportunity to run a Bush Supports Probe into Saddam’s Underpants headline and they let it slip away.
2. I love all that ‘British tabloid’ stuff, but this was the front page of two of Murdoch’s biggest tabloids… to say it’s a British tabloid thing (or even just a tabloid thing) is plain stupid when it’s obvious that this is a Murdoch thing. There’s a few details here and there, but information like that belongs in the headline. Like this:

Rupert Murdoch Publishes Saddam Underwear Pix

UPDATE – Almost missed this. We needs a good hanging, we do…

The Scum: The humiliation of Saddam is complete, and surely no man deserves it more. He awaits his fate at the hands of the people he forced to endure a reign of terror and poverty. The Iraqi court he will face could order his execution. No one will blame them if they do. But they might just consider that keeping Saddam in a rough jail until the day he dies is a harsher sentence.

By sheer coincidence, these photos were published on the very same day as…

BBC – US report reveals Afghan abuses: Fresh details have emerged of abuse of prisoners by US troops in Afghanistan. The deaths of two inmates and alleged abuse of others is detailed by the New York Times citing a 2,000-page document leaked from a US army investigation. The report says some prisoners were chained to ceilings, and that a female interrogator stepped on a man’s neck and kicked another in the genitals. The White House said the abuses were being investigated and those responsible would be held to account.

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