Posted by Tim Ireland at June 16, 2005

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Thursday, June 16th, 2005
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The proxy-blog for Mark Pritchard is go. I know that I missed out on a few of these over the last 12 weeks, so if you’ve launched one recently and I haven’t plugged it yet, feel free to speak up now.


  1. Oscar Wildebeest says

    I’m tempted to set up a proxy blog for my MP, Andrew Slaughter (Lab), who has said nothing whatsoever in Parliament, and hasn’t even appeared in the local media. Considering his seat is going to be transformed by boundary changes into a Tory marginal before the next election, you’d think he’d be more interested in engaging with his electorate.Any specific instructions on how to set up the blog, Mr Manic?

  2. Manic says
  3. Garry says

    I’ve been running one for Anne Begg: was set up after Anne’s campaign blog (now deleted) wasn’t updated for two weeks after the election.Initially, I thought it would be very short lived, but Anne’s official site seems to be taking rather a long time to reconstruct:’ve been sent an email saying that Anne’s new site will contain a blog so I am hoping the proxy blog will soon be defunct.

  4. Oscar Wildebeest says

    That’s it. Knew there was a link somewhere. Much obliged.

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