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Today, Page 3 stunna Neval (22, from London) believes Micahel Jackson’s career could be over despite his acquittal on child abuse charges. She says: “The case was a tremendous drain on him. Some people will always have their doubts about Jacko – and I don’t think he can ever be the king of pop again.”

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Lincoln Journal Star – Media’s tabloid coverage hurts their credibility: Media interest in celebrity trials is certainly nothing new. It goes back to at least 1921 when William Randolph Hearst used Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle’s trial on rape and murder charges to boost circulation of his newspaper chain. That ploy worked. Arbuckle was eventually found innocent, but his career was decimated. That, however, was of little concern to Hearst, who made his money and moved on to the next scandal.

BTW, wasn’t it nice of Rupert Murdoch and friends to react to the decision not to hold this trial in the glare of the media by staging their own media circus anyway?

The BBC reported last week in a documentary that during the trial (and the ‘trial’) Edward Moss, the man hired to portray Jackson in the re-enactments, was busy promoting a new single and video. The title of the single; Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Me Off

Sadly, today I can find no mention of it at Moss site No. 1 or Moss site No. 2

I’ve tried to get an explanation/clarification from Moss’s management, but haven’t had much luck so far. Perhaps you’d care to try:

Dan Gore
(626) 943-3156
for promotional video & material

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