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Yes folks, Page 3 is back!

(I’m detailing the following mainly for my own records. I’m curious to know how the Scum respond to tragedy and how long they keep the boobage offline following any given event.)

As noted previously at Bloggerheads, the Sun only abstains from showing boobs: when there’s an earthquake, a flood, a major train crash or the death of a really famous person.

9 editions of the Sun have been issued since the bombings in London on the 7th of July. In two of those editions, a scantily-clad B-list celebrity has featured on Page 3, but there have been no boobs.

Today, in the 10th edition following the death of at least 56 60 people in London on the 7th of July, Page 3 makes a tentative return. I use the word ‘tentative’ mainly because of the content of the editorial, which today focuses on morals instead of politics…

(Note – Yesterday they ran a feature on Spencer Tunick on Page 3. Why it’s almost af if they were testing the waters…)

Today Keeley (18, from Kent) is shocked by Jude Law’s infidelity. She says: “Sienna loves him so much. Everyone can see how devoted she is to him. He did a rotten thing and even though he’s a completely gorgeous actor, I would find it really hard to forgive him.”

But not so hard that it’d be impossible, right Keeley? After all, he’s completely gorgeous. And an actor.

Keep an eye on Page 3, folks. Barring more deaths or major revelations, a boobtastic editorial on hate-filled Muslim clerics is due any day now.

UPDATE (20 July) – And so it came to be. Today Nicola T (22, from Croydon) is ‘furious at Omar Bakri Mohammed’s latest rants againts Britain‘. She says: “He claims thousands in benefits but still sees fit to attack the very people who have supported him. He is a disgrace.”

Murdoch pays pays no British taxes and *exploits* the very people who support him, but I don’t expect you to pay any attention to me. Because I lack the norks.

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