Prepare your angry-pants

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Time and again I’ve maintained that Tony Blair and George W. Bush have been manipulating the terrorist threat in a way that is self-serving and misleading – and likely to make that threat more pronounced. Now we have this….

ABC News – London Bombers Tied to Al Qaeda Plot in Pakistan

AMERICAblog – Bush admin may be responsible for botching effort to thwart London bombing: ABC News just reported that the British authorities say they have evidence that the London attacks last week were an operation planned by Al Qaeda for the last two years. This was an operation the Brits thought they caught and stopped in time, but they were wrong. The piece of the puzzle ABC missed is that this is an operation the Bush administration helped botch last year… i.e., last year Bush botched the effort to thwart the London subway attacks.

Juan Cole – The Ghost of Muhammad Naeem Noor Khan: For the sake of three year old intelligence, the Bush administration had helped blow the first inside double agent the Pakistanis and the British had ever developed. The British had been preparing a set of indictments and pursuing the investigation, in part by using Khan. They were forced to move before they were ready. Some suspects escaped on hearing Naeem Khan’s in the media. Of those who were arrested, several had to be released for lack of evidence against them. Muhammad Sadique Khan, one of the July 7 bombers, was apparently connected to one of the suspects under surveillance in early August, 2004.

And why did Bush do this?

To. Win. An. Election.

Robin has his angry-pants on. I’ve been wearing mine for over a week now. Where are *your* angry-pants?

Wait, before you answer that, consider this…

If you take a look at Bloggerheads on the 6th and 9th of August 2004, you’ll note that – while ignoring this grand f**k-up – Blair’s mouthpiece The Scum was busy cherry-picking details of the story in order to target their favourite boogeyman, Abu Hamza *and* retroactively justify Blair’s little tank stunt at Heathrow. A few days later, this long-overdue announcement was made.

Remember September 11th? Jo Moore? Nothing has changed since.

Your lives mean nothing to these people.

Now… where are your angry-pants?

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