You won’t believe a fish can walk, when you see:

Posted by Tim Ireland at August 12, 2005

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Dinosaur Adventure Land! (via Popbitch)

You want to go scroll straight down to ‘Watch Cartoons and Play Games’, where you are invited to join Danny’s Dinosaur Adventure: Join Danny, Joey, Kenny, and Ashley, on a great Dinosaur Adventure. Their teacher Mr. Woodring is a strong believer in evolution, but they won’t let that stand in the way of exposing the lies of evolution, and spreading the truth of creation. It’s a constant battle to see that the lies of evolution are stopped.

The description alone could pass off as a script for Jack Black. You must watch. Really. It’s the biggest thing since Bibleman.


  1. Disillusioned kid says

    Make sure you watch the “Creation Boot Camp” video (the 3rd one). I think in the current political climate it ought to be enough to have them all deported or banned or something ;) Oh, and you might want to join in with the Google Bombing of “intelligent design”, linking it to:

  2. the Disillusioned kid says

    The Unintelligent Designs of the Christian Right

    Dogma is a powerful thing. It is also a very dangerous thing. Despite this it remains strangely seductive, promising not just a quickly forotten one night stand, but a serious long-term relationship. (What do you mean you don’t know what I’m going on a…

  3. poons says

    Oh lawks-a-lordy that is too freakin’ scary for words.Hi, who is this timireland who is now posting? We want manic back!There’s a debate on the old Darwin V God thing over at Guerilla News – and the blog is back from retirement.

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