The Ballad of Islam Karimov

Posted by Tim Ireland at September 1, 2005

Category: Uzbekistan

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Thursday, September 1st, 2005
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Islam Karimov a'la Jed ClampettCome and listen to a story about Islam Karimov
And Uzbekistan, the land he’d like to stay in power of.
He’s a tyrant and a murderer, I’m sorry to be rude,
But the reason we ignore it all is equally fuckin’ crude.

Oil that is. Black gold. Gaseous tea.

Well since that 911 stunt our man’s a millionaire,
When Bush said “Son, I want to launch some planes from there!
“And send you all the suspects we can’t ‘process’ here at home,
“As well as all the dissidents you ‘process’ on your own.”

Torture, that is. Boiled alive behind prison bars.

Well the UK ambassador he had some words to say,
But Blair and Straw they shut him down and sent him on his way,
They made false claims of sex he had for visas in exchange,
But when Blunkett actually did this he was left without a stain.

Semen, that is. Bend over a spell. Take your shorts off.

Y’all come back now, y’hear?


UPDATE – This post is one of many that will be made today to mark Uzbekistan’s Independence Day. I’ll be adding extras below this line:


Craig Murray – Preview of a book the UK government would like to ban (available for today only)
TTDE – Don’t buy cotton from Uzbekistan!
Chicken Yoghurt – Uzbekistan: The Debate
Disillusioned Kid – Blogging For Uzbekistan (a long, but v. good post)

There’s a full round-up of links here.

Registan invites comment here

Finally, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Disillusioned Kid for taking the initiative on this. He deserves more than one ‘Huzzah!’


  1. The Inside Of My Head says


    To celebrate Uzbekistan Independence Day, Bloggerheads are proud to announce The Ballad of Islam Karimov….

  2. johnwards says

    Do you think Craig got time to introduce that rather fetching sounding dress code?

  3. KathyF says

    Should I be flattered you took my idea and expanded it? Not to mention set it in another country…

  4. Manic says

    No, you should be offended. Deeply offended.

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