Blunkett goes… again – Page 3 girl weeps… again

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Blunkett - Take 2That’s twice Blunkett has had to resign… and twice that his departure has been lamented by the ever-faithful Page 3 girls.

Here’s what Katie (19, from Liverpool) had to say on Dec 15 2004: “I think it’s terrible that a man who has done so much for the country has felt it necessary to leave public office. Blunkett was one of the few Home Secretaries prepared to get tough on issues that matter to ordinary people – asylum, terrorism and law and order.”

Today, the only difference is Rebekah Wade’s recent design order that places more contentious views away from the model’s face:

Danni (18, from Coventry) said she was sorry to see David Blunkett resign. She adds: “There is no denying David’s ability as a Cabinet minister. It was a typical gesture of him to resign for the sake of his Cabinet colleagues. But in doing so the Government is a poorer place.”

As the BBC points out; for many papers, the real story behind David Blunkett’s resignation is its consequences for Tony Blair.

One vote, folks; one vote.

Plus a dramatic climb-down on the 90 day detention demand.

It’s almost enough to give one hope…

Incidentally, the original script for Not Over By A Long Shot called for a final shot of a Partridge-like bus driving away to reveal a sign that read: Caution: lame duck driving…. but I went with the ‘walking dead’ thing instead.

Given that he’s survived since the summer of 2004 (when his premiership *should* have ended) I think it’s fair to say that the man is a little more resilient than a wounded duck.

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