Calling all victims of workplace violence

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Rebekah Wade hits out!The following message is addressed (primarily) to all employees of the Sun and News Of The World. Please forward it to any relevant parties:

Rebekah Wade has shown her true colours. Not only is she a bully and a thug, she sees fit to abuse her editorial role in order to downplay the story. (If it were you in her place, she would throw you to the wolves without hesitation, and you know it.)

The pattern of behaviour is clear; perpetrators of domestic violence often laugh off their crimes as ‘silly fights that got out of hand’.

Even when evidence is there for all to see, the excuses begin; she walked into the door, the poor little mite fell down the stairs, he cut his lip while filming…

Domestic violence is not someone else’s business, it’s everyone’s business. Though it may start in the home, its impact extends to the workplace and our communities.

You may have seen or experienced this kind of thing before; arbitrary threats of dismissal, mental and physical intimidation… or worse.

If you or anyone you know has been threatened or physically beaten by Rebekah Wade, now is the perfect time to step forward and report her to the police:

1. Finally, the world knows that Rebekah Wade is a drunken thug. You need not be afraid that you will not be believed.

2. Monday the 7th of November is Ban Bullying At Work Day.

Editing a major tabloid requires strength and leadership, but an editor fails in this role – and as a human being – when they resort to violence or intimidation to get their way.

You have a right to defend yourself via legal recourse. You have a duty to protect future victims of violence and intimidation.

By bringing Rebekah Wade to justice, you can not only protect yourself and those around you, but also ensure that Rebekah gets the counselling and support she so badly needs.

It’s the only humane thing to do. It’s the only sensible thing to do:

Tower Hamlets Community Safety Unit: 020 7275 4750

Andrea Adams Trust helpline: 01273 704 900 (Mon-Fri 10am-4pm)

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