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Posted by Tim Ireland at November 17, 2005

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The Sun – Battle to save CRIMBO: The Sun today launches a campaign to stop politically-correct Scrooges killing off Christmas… Now The Sun is hitting back by slapping offenders with our own version of an anti-social behaviour order, the CRIMBO – standing for Christmas Must Be Observed.

What? Again?!

Jesus Santa, show some imagination, Rebekah!

Today Danni, (18, from Coventry) feels suitably empowered by her appearance on Page 3 to express her Rebekah’s opinion on the matter; she hopes ‘that everyone gets behind The Sun’s drive to keep Christmas free of meddling political correctness’ and says: “Let’s hope Christmas isn’t ruined. It’s all about tradition and family.”

Tradition and family and the profitable circulation of right-wing propaganda, m’dear… let’s not forget who stuffs your stocking.

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  1. Wolf Solent says

    Let’s not forget those other great christmas traditions, like putting your spouse in hospital shortly after Stella #8 makes its way down your foul, lying, hypocritical ginger gullet.

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